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Is this just a tantrum/phase my son is going thru?

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My soon is nearly 20 mths old. If we tell him no he can't do something or ask him to do something he doesn't want to he throws himself on the floor & bangs his head. He also bangs his head on the wall, sofa anything hard really.

Is this just a tantrum, whats the best way to stop it?

I'm worried he'll really hurt himself
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I have no kids, but a friends little girl used to do this, bashing her head on the floor in a rage. It was tantrums, and I think like a phase it just passed - I'll give her a text, see how long it lasted!! x
my son is 22 months and he does this. its really worring isn't it i think they do it to make them selves cry i just move him and walk away he usually forgets hes banging his head or say no.
also time out can help or holding him till he calms down.
i'm hoping hes gonna grow out of it soon


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My daughter is nearly 2 and sometimes when she is having a tantrum she will throw herself on the floor and start to bang her head.

I make no reaction and just either step over her (if shes in the way lol!!) or let her come out of it herself. Sometimes I think the more you react the more they do it because thats why they are doing it - for a reaction. He will soon come out of it! xxx
I have a 2 and 4 year old and can tell you that yes it is a tantrum. I find the best way to deal with tantrums is to completely ignore them. Even if you are telling him to stop or trying to reason with him he is getting exactly what he what wants - attention. Don't give in to the tantrum because then you are just letting him know that he just has to scream and shout and Mummy will give in to me.

I walk away and normally after a few minutes they are exhausted and ready for a hug. My 4 year old has just finished having these type tantrums but my 2 year old has just started. The joys!!
Yup, mine does this too, and he's nearly 3. I just ignore him now. If he's trying to head butt the wall or hard floor I move him to somewhere softer! Perfectly normal. Odd, and worrying, but normal!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks to u all. We've hard floors too its so worrying but I do as u've said move him to somewhere. But my goodness he does hit it so hard am surprised he doesn't knock himself out x


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This is the terrible 2's! It's a way to control your parents and get your own way! If you give in to him then you'll be making a rod for your back! Children have to know who's in charge! He'll soon stop if it's painful.


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I remember being told by a very experienced paediatrician that she had never come across a toddler banging their head so hard in a tantrum that they had done any serious damage.

Guess we just don't like to think of them hurting themselves. Bless.

Of course, if they did hurt themselves, they would probably stop doing it pretty quick. Reckon that if I was concerned I'd grab and move them to a safer place...no talking...no eye contact...just grab, 'dump' and move away.

Lots of attention when they quietened down though.

You've probably seen this, but just in case you missed it

Bless him


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