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Is this normal or have I been ripped off?

Hi guys,

I am a male and just purchased my first week of lipotrim.

My Pharmasist said I could only go on for one week due to my size. He gave me 14 sachets, said to have two per day, then have a 'light' third meal....and chared me £49.99.

I was under the impression that it was £49.99 for 3 per day per week.

Can someone shed some light.

Many Thanks
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Back on the diet train...
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Hey hun

Has he given you male lipotrim as you do only get 2 per day?? Couldn't say about the price Hun but you can check out the lipotrim website and see what they say.

Sorry i can't be more help. :(



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Sounds like they have ripped you off. Post this again on the TFR 100% forum as there are some guys on there who are on the full thing and may be able to help x
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I have 3 lipotrim sachets a day so 21 a week and pay £36 per week??? Sounds like u r being ripped off have you rung the lipotrim helpline on your carrier bag or visited the site ??? X
hi mate lipotrim for men is two sachets a day 14 for a week i pay 48 a week for it you do not eat any food what so ever with this it defeats the object of lipotrim what did he mean by your weight how much do you weigh ie whats your bmi reading i did lipotrim two years ago and lost 6 half stone on it best thing i ever did i have just started it again as had my gallbladder out 6 weeks ago and have put weight on due to eating like a mad man for 5 weeeks as could not eat any thing for over a year with out pain trust me dude if you want to loss weight its amazing if you stick to it 100% and drink lots of water it wont take long depending what you want to loss i lost 6 stone in 13 weeks good luck and if you got any questions then feel free to ask ok
p.s the reason we ave two sachets is there bigger amounts in them to the ladies ones and they have 3 smaller sachets some thing to do eith how are bodys work my wife also done liportrim and lost 11 stone google justin reakes maxine reakes we was in the papers and went on this morning 5 minutes of fame lol
Hi mate.

Thanks for the reply. I weigh 80kg and 6ft. Bmi of around 25. I'm on my second day. Been eating just tuna and sweetcorn in the morning and lunch and dinner is the shake. That's what he said to do. Is that wrong?
yea dude lipotrim is total food replacement with your bmi and hight iam suprised he put you on it if any thing you should be doing the maintendents program where you eat and use lipotrim maintendents food taste alot better than lipotrim i was on two bars one morning one lunch then meal at night did that for 4 months and had no weight gain
Lets see what happens!

Just had tuna for breakfast the first two day....

Going to try 100% today see how it goes! How do you split your sachets?

I play on having one for lunch around 1pm (lots of water and green tea before then!) and one for dinner.

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