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Is This Normal?

S: 15st4lb C: 15st0.5lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.64%)
I'm feeling really low and it's just been one of those weeks, kwim?

Started off on Monday night by a 'friend' who had a real go at me for doing CD. I felt verbally attacked she told me I was doing myself real harm. Amongst the things she was saying were things like "as soon as you start to eat again you'll put at least 1/2 of it back on straight away", "your metabalism is completely shutting down so as soon as you eat your body is just going to store everything it gets and you'll gain all the weight", "the 18cms you've lost is just water retention", "of course you're going to lose weight - you're not eating anything!" and the parting shot "well, I'm telling you now, just as soon as you do start eating, you're going to be sooo constipated!!!!".

I felt really low on Tuesday morning and really wanted to eat. But I recognised it for what it was: comfort eating, and I didn't give in to the urge.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Since I started on CD, 10th September, I've stuck to it 100%, never cheated, not once, haven't even been tempted too. I have been drinking around 4 litres of water each day. I had to first get weighed on the morning of 5th day (so only 4 days on CD) and lost 6lbs. A week later and I had lost another 8lbs, so a stone in total.

This week I've only lost 2lbs! I feel so demotivated, I can lose that much a week if I go on a diet where I actually get to eat something... I'm feeling I don't know if it's worth it. Most of the time it has been really easy although I do really miss eating with my family, we usually all eat together as a family, and I'm feeling so seperated from them.

My CDC has said I will almost definitely lose LOADS next week but I'm just not thinking that will be the case.

Anyone else experienced this? I just don't know what to do and to top it all I had my first real, proper job interview today, the first after 10 years or so of being a SAHM and I didn't get the job. Just want to bawl my eyes out and have a chinese takeaway!!!
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Jools, step away from the friend....lol...She doesn't know anything about the diet so close your ears. At one point I lost just half a pound in a fortnight although I have never cheated and was devastated....BUT the following week I dropped 9lbs at once. So don't be down, these diets do work but the scales play tricks on you at times. good luck!
Hi JoolsG

You have done so well so far - dont give up on yourself!! 16pounds in 3 weeks is amazing!! Think of all the clothes that fit better or you can now get into??

I am only on my 8th day and starving hungry especially as I put my fellas dinner on but I am thinking of how I will look in 8 weeks dramatically better!!

You can do it!


Gone fishing
Your 'friend' is wrong. She probably doesn't know anything about these types of diets. Ignore her, or educate her;)

This week I've only lost 2lbs! I feel so demotivated, I can lose that much a week if I go on a diet where I actually get to eat something...
You probably wouldn't have lost 2lbs after such a previous great loss. In fact, you are highly unlikely to have lost that first stone in the first two weeks.

You're doing great. Rejoice! You've lost over a stone in 3 weeks. How fab is that!!:cool:

Sorry to hear about the job. How pants in that! Still....it was probably a crap job anyway. Ones that look good until they employ you and you see what is actually going on.

Bet there's a better one elsewhere :hug99:
S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
Hey Jools ~ first of all well done on your weight loss so far. Think about it you've already lost a stone in under a month ~ which is well above average. So you lost only 2lbs this time ~ you'll probably find you'll show a bigger loss on the next one. The thing is to not get too hung up on the weekly losses, but look at it over a month.

No other conventional diet will let you lose on average a stone a month, but CD will. So yer, on another diet you may well lose 2lbs on a week, but then you might only lose a 1lb and so on.

As for your 'friend' well I'm sorry to hear she has been so negative. In the absence of better knowledge it could be that she's bought into the negative press about a VLCD and is genuinely worried about you. It could be jealousy, especially if she is at the moment smaller than you and some 'friends' feel threatened by that ~ either way you can choose to prove her wrong and educate her ~ or ignore her comments.

As for the job ~ after years of being a SAHM it may take some time, but it you are employable and will get a job if you stick at it. If it's been your first interview for many years, try and get some feedback from them so you can see if there are any areas that you could improve on for the next time.

Last thing is ~ well done you for not given into comfort eating, it takes a great deal of willpower to stick at this ~ it is NOT the easy option by any stretch of the imagination and you should hold your head up high my gal ~ sending you a :hug99:
Wow Jools 16lbs in three weeks thats fantastic. dont be discourage with what your friend says, you have to go with how you feel about it. I think the secret of keeping it off is the gradual maintenance program and sensilble eating when thats over. Dont give up cos of your small minded friend stick with it by xmas you could be another 2 or 3 stone lighter.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
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Hi Jools, please dont despair with your 2 lb weight loss. You have done fantastic already in such a short space of time. One week at my lighterlife class I actually gained 1lb....Nothing had passed my lips that shouldn't have....not a crumb! How I got through that class without crying I dont know :cry:But the next week I had a 7lb loss and couldn't wipe the smile off my face.:) The leader said it had to be water retention. On previous diets I would have come home and stuffed my face, feeling cheated,but I stuck with it and it was so worth it.

Please dont give in, you wont look back.

Doodles x
Jools firstly big big hugs, and secondly you are doing FANTASTICALLY 16lbs in 3 weeks is just AMAZING...i know some people look at their weight losses in 4 weekly blocks which i tried this week....makes me feel better lol as for the friend i agree with everyone else i think its a combination of concern for you but also some jealousy and you know what if it was me it'd give me double the determination to prove her wrong!!!!

You can do this hun!!!!

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