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Is this possible?

Hi everyone!

I have been doing slimming world for over 2 years but have constantly 'yoyoed' in my weight (I have a problem with emotional eating and instead of having just one, or even two biscuits......I eat the lot!).......I did managed to loose 1 stone on the SW plan but have since put most of it back on! :cry:
I was getting fed up with the 1lb off, 2lb back on the following week so I decided to try the Kellogs diet and lost 6lbs in a week! (fantastic) but I am so hungry and have been gradually putting the weight back on again! (I am exercising six days a week so I cannot understand the weight gain!:sigh:)
I have 2 months to fit into a bridesmaid dress for my mums wedding :sigh:......I would like to loose at least 1 stone! I just wanted to know whether other slimmers have managed to loose this amount doing the green option plan in that time period......or whether I need to continue eating cereal for the next couple of month! :break_diet:

I know this post is a bit whingey, but I just wanted to know how much weight it is possible to loose in 2 months on SW.......(I have heard people say that the more you have to loose the quicker the weight will come off.....but the thing is I am actually only about 9lbs overweight, so will I realistically be able to get this stone off in 2 months?)

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated :wave_cry:

Emma xxx
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likes to eat!
From one Emma to another!! ;)

I think it is totally possible to do it, if you stick to the plan..

I haven't tried green days before, as I like my meat too much :D

But I have tried so many 'fad diets' cereal ones included and fair enough you lose quickly but you cannot live the rest of your life eating cereal for most of the day.

Stay focused, stick to plan, and you will look beautiful in that bridesmaid dress!! :D


Is so doing it this time
Hi Emma
Don't worry we all need to whinge - i know i do! And yes people with more to lose do tend to (but not always) have greater losses per week compared to people with less weight to loose - that's a fact you cant change. But faddy diets like cereal ones are not long term solutions they are marketing ploys to get you to buy more cereal!!! Of course your going to loose weight to start of with but then you would if you just eat say tins of baked beans or just eggs for each meal. Your simply limiting your calories which will result in weight loss. But your body get used to the limited calories and starts to hold on to what ever you put into it because it doest know how long the limited calorie intake will last, and all that exercise is definitely good because you will be toning up but because your body has got efficient at burning calories it doest show as a weight loss. But with a plan like SW the food you consume in low in calories and highly satiating (filling and satisfying) and you can eat and eat and eat.... :D (only when your hungry obviously) and so your body is happy to burn your existing stores cos it knows its gonna get more fuel when it needs it. SW isn't a diet its a way of life, you have to stick to it for it to work. Because you only have a small amount to lose it will take a bit of time but I think it is totally poss to lose 1 stone in 2 months.

Try not to obsess about food, don't let it become your main focus. I comfort eat. Its just life, its what I do. Its how you deal with it that will alter the outcome. Ok so you eat a pack of bics..... I eat a packet of wotsits a packet of crisps a kitkat a crunchie a chocchip muffin 2 choc bics and then had a seriously bad chinese take away..... the children had driven me totally crazy I was either going to kill them or eat..... i chose to eat. But today I'm back on plan.

Give SW another chance and even if you do fall over just get up and keep going. Just believe in youself. xx


Is so doing it this time
Ps remember the more you exercise the more toned your muscles will become. This means two things 1) they'll weigh more which will probably account for the weight gain and 2) your metabolic rate will increase which means your body will burn more calories even when resting ie not exercising. There are 2 or 3 ladies at my SW group who didnt have a lot to loose and have done really well, I dont think it matters whether you do red green or EE, they are all based on what you eat and will work. It just comes down to what you prefer and find fits in with your lifestyle best. My only suggetions would be maybe limit your syns to 5 a day and only eat when your hungry not just because you can because its free food. This may help and drink at least 2litres of water a day. Good luck and remain positive and you'll do it and look stunning xx

PSS sorry I've written war and peace!!
Thank you all for your replies! :D
I will aim to up my water intake, try not to obsess about food and stay on 5 sys a day-(thanks 'piglet') and also thanks for your honesty with your comfort eating! I could totally identify with what you were saying! Sometimes when I comfort eat, I feel like theres something wrong with me and I often feel too ashamed to tell anyone about the amount I have actually sat and ate in one sitting just because I had a 'bad' day! Its good when you hear that others have the same difficulties-it makes me feel less of a 'fatcake!':cry:
Thanks for the supportive comments (Emmabi) :D and for your experience of how much you have lost in 2 weeks (shell_y) :D.
Well done!

I will start again tomorrow and this time.....hopefully get rid of my lard for good! :rolleyes:
Pasta, rice and SW chips here I come again.............:D

Best of luck to everyone with their own SW plans!


Is so doing it this time
Good for you Em :D :D...... I'm totally with you. Its happened, we have to put it behind us (no pun intended) and start again!! Good luck hun let us know how you get on xx


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Hi, I just wanted to add that I don't think you should necessarily limit your syns to only 5 right from the beginning. Start off with 10-15 and see how you do and adjust them in the weeks followng if you need to :) I generally have 15 a day and I have lost 2 stones in just under 4 months so that would fit with your aim. I follow either EE or green plans as a rule.
Good luck though!! :D

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