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Is this possible????????


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im shocked started monday and in it already too it used to take at least 5 days for me and i ate a lot of carbs before? its great just weird! unless my strips are giving false reading! yey for us! :D
i wouldnt know, i dont use the sticks and believe im in ketosis when im losing weight :D
I always went by the other indicators Jules, bad breath, BO, smelly pee, metallic taste in mouth etc
:D I know Julz, not nice. It was plenty of showers and constantly brushing my teeth for me
Yes i did, the sugar free stuff. Oddly the ketosis symptoms only lasted a few weeks, not sure why.
Nope,, no alcohol for me since i started ( Only on day 3!!!!) Im determined not to have any whilst doing induction either, just soooo confused as to why it showed quite dark pink last night!!! Id walked for 4.5 miles prior to testing,, wonder if this made any difference?

Hahaha,, the joys of dieting!!!!! Well i'm going to BIN my sticks as tested earlier and it showed a slight pink reading!!!!!!!!!! Im not particularly hungry so could be easing into the lovely K state!!!!! Fingers crossed anyway

even worse result for me ive gained 4 pounds?!!! what happened to big weight losses in week one im not happy dont expect massive losses but never a gain! does this diet not work for some people?!
Hi Bubbles,,, are u weighing yourself daily??? Ur weight can fluctuate massively on a day to day basis,, even hourly,, last time i did this 'way of eating' i couldnt stop jumping on the scales everyday, depending on what it read would determine how i felt for that entire day, i was obsessed!!

first time ive weighed since monday was just curious.
i will start doing a diary but generally ive been eating things like frankfurters, tuna, cheese, chicken, ham, cheese, salad, spinach erm chicken bites. i check every label and not gone anywhere near 20g a day. i need to drink more water and do have diet coke but only one can a day. I dont get it and not carrying on if i keep gaining :(
chave a look in what we are eating today thread and write your menu like that and also put amounts if possible and we can help x

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