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Extra Easy Is this right....... ? please

Hi, Could someone tell me if this looks right for my OH to do EE.

Frosties with Muller vitality 7.5 sins for breakfast.

Batchelors rice with sweetcorn for lunch (cold).

Veg curry made with carrot,onion,swede,celery,green beans. served with batchelors rice and noodles. 5 sins for sauce.

Kellogs fibre bar HEB, skim milk for HEA.

Muller vitality and pineapple for supper 2.5 sins.

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That could be a green day, as no meat, and then could have more Hex's.


I will be a Princess!
For EE he's need to have 1/3 superfree fruit or veggies with his meals. Sweetcorn are only a free food, not superfree :) Even if he doesn't have the 1/3 superfree with each meal he should try to have plenty of fruit etc for snacks :) xx
Yes I have missed that!

If he takes ham for lunch would that be an EE ? only problem I have with him is he wont eat salad, only beetroot! so I carn't make him a salad for lunch. He has been having the ham on its own but i wasn't sure if its ok

Thanks for helping
Personally I'd choose a better cereal for breakfast and use some of the skimmed milk from the HXA or a free yoghurt so he can have more syns on other things but that's me. He could also have some fruit with his cereal to help get his superfree foods in.
Thanks for the help. He's a bit of a nightmare ! The only cereal he will eat is frosties or sugarpuffs! and he carn't do too many red days now as he gets gout! He has done really well (4 1/2 stones)but the weight loss is slowing now.
He has muller light too with fruit so i will look at that.
All his milk goes in coffee!

Thanks again
Yeah well done on a cracking weight loss so far! I do green as I'm a veggie and those two extra HEs are worth the world. Also, as far as I'm aware because I'm not on EE I don't have to eat a 1/3 superfree - though I expect someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Good luck!
What about having bread instead of cereal as a hex b to save syns. He could have a bacon and tomato sandwich for breakfast. For lunch what about roasted veg to mix with the pasta? I make a big batch up every few days and mix with couscous or pasta or rice to get my superfree instead of salad.