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is this within the rules?

hi guys!

i just started on slimming world last week - after signing up on bodyoptimise.com, its going really well so far!

i really just wanted to run an average day of my meals by someone as i think im sticking to the rules but it feels wrong somehow...so can someone poke some holes in it or is all of this ok?

eggs and bacon

jacket potato w. baked beans and a sprinkle of cheddar (HE - A)
muller light yogart

mid afternoon:

noodles w. chicken and vegatables
alpen bar (HE-B)

really appreciate your help

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Hey hun, all looks fine, but where are your syns?

and, are you weighing your HEA? .. and just so you know, and if iv misunderstood correct me, but the normal Alpens are not a HEA, it HAS to be Alpen LIGHT, and you must eat 2 to count as a HEB..

other that it all seems fine, i assume your doing EE? and that your noodles were dry noodles not fresh egg noodles.. otherwise these would hold a syn value..

and obviously i dont know how big your meal portions are, but i would assume they are reasonabley big and fill you up and i notice you don't snack much, dont worry.. i do this too. i preferr 3 meals, where as other prefer to munch through out the day, but i'd just say aslong as your weighing, having syns, arnt hungry or restricting yourself and drinking lots of fluids.. your doing fine :)

best of luck and anymore Q's just post :) x


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Hi aj83,:welcome2:

Welcome to MiniMins:)

I am not able to help with your question as I have not done SW but I did not want to read and run, someone should be along soon that will be able to help you with this.

Good to hear you are getting on well with your diet.

Here is a link to help you put up a weight ticker http://www.minimins.com/tutorials/19172-how-setup-weight-loss-ticker-tickerfactory-com.html

And this one below will help you make your way around.


If you need any help be sure to ask!

Love Mini xxx
hey guys!

thanks for the swift responses!

fern thats just what i wanted to hear lol, i was hoping that i was sticking to the rules - and its good to know i am!

i was just worried because it felt like i was eating 'too normally' having desserts etc (ie yogurt and alpen bars) - maybe thats why they call it extra easy!

but to answer your questions:
-yep they were alpen light bars,

-i have been measuring the HE weights as oftrn as possible

- strictly dry noodles

-and for syns forgot to mention i had 2 cadbury squares! (which prob add up to 5 or 6 syns)

cheers again guys - ill be sure to pop back with some more qs as i get further in to it!

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