Isn't it a revalation to meet others doing a VLCD?


Got a life thank you!
I met someone yesterday who had just finished doing a VLCD and it is amazing speaking to someone who has been there and done that.

I have also discovered a couple of people at school doing CD and it is lovely talking to people who understand what you are doing and how you are doing it and why without questioning either the diets safety or your sanity!

It is of course brilliant to have these forums but it is such a little discovery when you meet people in real life it takes on a whole different context.
Hi Flopster

You are so right! I went to visit an old friend in the summer who I hadn't seen for 4 years and we only ever got to speak over the phone a few times a year. We soon realised that we were both doing the Cambridge Diet (and my hubby too!). We weren't short of things to talk about after that and enjoyed hearing each others successes tips and experiences. We all three have something very personal in common now. She recommended me to this forum and we now are in contact almost every day rather than every six months. (Hi Wanabeminime!)

Hope your 'final push' has started well this week.

Dizzy x
Yo Diz!!:D
A girl at work who is doing LL got me onto CD and i've found out there's at least one other doing a VLCD there too.
SIGH! I Want some real life friends - you know what I mean for that, online friends are fab, but I do get fed up with the others who don't understand a vlcd. I love my CDC and my immediate family support me but would be lovely to meet people for lunch etc and not ask why im not eating etc or doing everything they can to get me to eat something, because just one thing.. even fruit won't hurt!!