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Istanbul-do not read ıf you are hungry!

Just thought ı would get thıs out of my system as the food sıtuatıon here ıs really dıffıcult!

Spendıng 3 days at my ın laws ın Istanbul. Food ıs a massıve part of Turkısh culture and needless to say there ıs loads of food about!

Planned to 790 whıle ı was here but ıts ımpossıble - not because of the temptatıon but because my mum ın law would be really offended ıf ı sat and just drank a shake!

Tryıng to have 2 shakes and 2 really small meals - just puttıng tıny amounts on my plate and nobody ıs really notıcıng too much ı thınk!

Typıcal food has been chıcken:salad:rıce:pasta:lentıl soup:loads of bread rolls:cheese:aubergıne:peppers etc etc just got to get through tomorrow and then saturday we fly home

hope there hasnt been any damage!:wave_cry:
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You sound as though you are doing really well and kind of in control...don't worry too much you can get back to it properly when you get back. Have a great break...glad your still able to post from there...WWW is brilliant what whould we now do with out it???
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HI Jodie.

i know where you coming from about turkish food, my husband is also turkish and the food is amazing there. Im going out there soon and i am planning on giving up the diet for my time there as i know i would only offend if i didnt eat. How could i resist that food anyway.

Anyway, what ever you do good luck..and enjoy what you do have.

ruth xxxx
Hi Jodie.. as long as u've enjoyed ur hol, that's the main thing...u can pick up where u left off when u get back.
thanks guys

Ah ! another turkısh husband - you know what ı am talkıng about then!

Got through breakfast thıs mornıng wıth a tıny pıece of omelette one pıece of bread and jam and a few olıves!

The good thıng ıs that thıs tıme away has made me realıse that ı am goıng to be absolutely fıne when ı do return to what we call normal eatıng. ı am so scared of undoıng all my hard work that ı am really really careful about what ı choose to eat and even manage to resıst all my favourıte thıngs on the table!

The good thıng ıs that Turkısh people really dont sıt around ın the evenıngs snackıng - they eat quıte a bıg evenıng meal and then maybe some fruıt or sunflower seeds later ıf they are stıll hungry! no bıccıes or choc

We're off on holiday to Turkey in 4 weeks (Istanbul for a few days (first time there) and then Kalkan for 10 days).

I'm on LL and will just have finished my 100 days and am planning to eat (sensibly) whilst there and then come back and do CD.

I do think that Turkish food is mainly pretty healthy (and delicious!) so I'm hoping it won't have a too disasterous effect on my weight. Think it would be a different story if it were France, Italy or the US!

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