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It all starts now...!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by xJoanneJJx, 27 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Well...here we are! Like many others I'm starting this diary to keep a record of my days and I'm positive there'll be a few rants along the way :p

    I'm 20 years old, I joined SW on Tuesday evening and weighed in at 16st 4lbs. I'be been overweight probably since the age of..10 maybe. I've always hated myself because of it and have tried many times to loose weight but evidently I haven't kept it off! On New Years Eve i decided "This is my year" and it is going to be a year of change! I hate looking this way, feeling this way and not having the confidence to show the real me. I've lost 4lbs since the start of the month on my own and using a running app on my Iphone (Go Running) I now do a 30 min walk/run every other day and have signed up to run my first Race for Life in July. Going on 2 holidays abroad this year..i WILL looks good! :D

    Attached is a picture of me taken a couple of months ago (on the left..obviously!)


    I'm not very confident with working out syns yet so feel free to correct me if i mess up!

    My food today...

    Brekkie- 2 Weetabix (HEb) with milk (HEa) and a banana

    Snack- Grapes

    Dinner- Homemade brown rice salad with tuna, cucumber, peppers and mattesons (6.5) Dressing of olive oil (2) white wine vinegar and lemon juice

    Tea- SW mustard chicken and swede mash, brocolli and green beans

    I've just had an alpen light bar (3)

    Edit: Got the munchies! Hartleys jelly pot (0.5)

    Total syns- 12

    30 mins run/walk
    30 mins regular walking
    A good day i think!
    Last edited: 27 January 2012
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  3. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Saturday 28th January

    Well I'm a bit frustrated today..no matter how much I eat, I'm just not getting full! Stayed well on plan though so I'm pleased with the willpower


    Grilled bacon (no fat) mushrooms, scrambled egg, baked beans and 1 wholemeal toast (Half of HEX B)



    Muiller light
    1 x laughing cow light (From HEX A)
    Alpen light bar (Remainder of HEX B)

    SW chicken, spinach and potato curry with boiled rice
    Hartleys no added sugar jelly pot (0.5)

    Chipsticks crisps (5)

    Syns- 5.5
  4. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    In quite a good mood today! Got myself organised and treated myself to a couple of nice notebooks from paperchase (Sure i have an obsession with that shop!) One will be a general diary and the other I'm going to use as a weekly planner for my meals and such.
    Just been to the supermarket and was very good and stuck to my shopping list 100% (A little victory!) only thing "Naughty" was a bag of those snack sized chocolate bars which i will use for my syns a couple times a week.
  5. linz66

    linz66 Full Member

    good luck on your diary and weight loss journey. You will have plenty of support on this site and loads to read lol great recipes too.
  6. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Thanks! I really am loving this site so far- brilliant! :D found so many meals I wanna try too. As you say.. So much to read aswell!
  7. linz66

    linz66 Full Member

    Your welcome lol i have tried a fare few off here and all i can say is MINT lol they are lush the ones i tried, il be keep checking in on your diary to see how your doing and im sure youl get plenty more who will support and encourage you, even on your rant days lol we all have them lol
  8. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    Good luck with your journey I look forward to seeing how u r getting on. Which plan are u doing? Are u going to class? As mentioned this site is great for recipes and also for motivation and support there's bucket loads of that on here :) x
  9. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Yep I'm going to classes and on the extra easy plan! My first meeting was on Tuesday :)

    Unsure about my group atm..the one i chose is in quite a student area (I work very near to it) and i'm going with my brothers girlfriend who lives there. It's a small class..20 people if that and all students i think. There was a new temp consultant who says she'll be there for 3-6 months and she gave me a bit of a background to the group saying it hasn't had a permanent leader for years due to low numbers and they can't cover their rent in the summer when the students go home etc. Anyway, will be sticking with it and there's plenty nearby if i need to change! x
  10. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Sunday 29th July

    Well I've had a great day food wise and am pleased with myself! :D Didn't get round to any excercise today as i've been quite busy but have my first run of the week tomorrow..before my first proper WI at class on Tuesday eve! Kinda nervous already..would like a good loss! xx


    Fruit salad and a muller light

    Huge prawn salad with baby and lceburg lettuce, rocket, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot and peppers
    1 tbsp lighter than light mayo (0.5)
    1 tbsp ketchup (1) I think?!

    1 Freddo (5)


    Spicy carrot soup and potato skins with cheese allowance (HEX A)

    Missing my HEX B..will probably have an alpen light bar later!

    Total Syns- 6.5


  11. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Hey hun, found your diary :) Have now subscribed and will be following you on your weight journey. It's great that we have so much in common: we're both 20, live not far from each other and both WI on Tuesdays.

    Your food is looking really good so far! Looks like you've had a great first week. Wishing you lots of luck for your first WI on Tuesday. What time is your class? xx
    Last edited: 29 January 2012
  12. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Thankyou! It's great that we have quite a bit in common, small world eh :) My class is 6pm on a Tuesday, how about you? xx
  13. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Oooh mines 5pm on Tuesdays hun :) Can't wait to see how you get on this week, are you excited?

    By the way, I love the dress you are wearing in your first post. You look lovely! xx
  14. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Ah thankyou! It's just from Dorothy Perkins i think :) Liked it so much that i have it in navy blue too haha!! I had a peek at the scales last night (naughty i know) and had lost 2.5..was weighing in just my underwear though lol! :rolleyes: Hoping I can get a little bit more off by WI, was hoping for 3.5/4lbs first week. We'll see! Will be sure to check in on you :D xx
  15. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    I do think it makes a massive difference going to class. I'm also a Tuesday weigher and also an extra easy girl! Lol :) fingers crossed ya group carries on going well and that they find a permanent consultant at least as u say theres loads around.

    Looking forward to seeing how u get on tomorrow Hun x
  16. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Evening :)

    Well as Monday's go today was ok I guess! Going to have a bit of a bleughh week at work though..sure I'll survive. Have my first proper WI tomorrow evening.. Have a feeling it will be between 2-3lbs off, though I would rather 3-4 for first week!


    2 Weeatbix (HEX B) with semi skimmed milk (HEX A)


    Weeatbix oaty cerial bar (4)


    Pasta, tinned tomatoes, veg and mixed herbs


    Thai crab cakes, savoury rice and salad

    Total syns- 5

    Didn't get out for my run this evening..too much to do!

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: 30 January 2012
  17. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Thanks hun, good luck to you for tomorrow and I'll be sure to check how you get on! X
  18. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Morning :)
    Thought I'd get most of this done now as I'm busy until late on tonight. Dinner is a bit rubbishy as I ran out of time to get something proper made. First weigh in tonight..fingers crossed! xx

    Sausage sandwich- 2 x sausages (1) and 2 wholemeal bread (HEX B)

    Muller light
    Sweet chilli velvet crunch (5)

    Smash pizza with passata, garlic, chicken, sweetcorn and cheese (HEX A)
    Side salad

    Syns- 6

    30 mins walk to/from work
    C25K Session
    Last edited: 31 January 2012
  19. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Hey hun, just popping in to say good luck for your first WI tonight :D I'm really excited for you, as by the looks of things you've done great! I'm sure you'll have a great loss, keep us updated xx
  20. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    :bliss:4.5lbs off! Happy dance heehee!:bliss:
  21. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Fantastic hun, knew you could do it!! Well done :) xx

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