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It doesn't feel right

Well, after hitting Target on monday night my C told me to increase my B choice by one a day. I have done this and still stuck to plan and within my syns but it doesn't feel right what I am doing. I suppose it is like the first few weeks following slimming world. You think how can I possibly eat all this and lose weight and it is only when you get on the scales that you realise it actually works. I suppose that come monday when (hopefully) the scales stay the same I may be able to get my head around the fact that I can have the extra B choice and maintain my weight.

Any other maintainers care to share your thoughts with me on this one.
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You may not stay the same hun. You may lose or you may gain, that's the whole reason that SW allow you to go 3lb above or below due to normal body fluctuations.
You might find you keep losing so you'll have to increase by another B choice (let's face it, it's only 120 cals max!!), some people have to have 3 or 4 and some can't even have the extra one each day.

Target maintenance is harder than losing the weight, at least when you are losing you know what to do - Target is so much harder than that!!
To be honest, I cant wait to have extra healthy extras -I love them ! Enjoy :)
Thanks for the reply, I am struggling to fit in my extra B choice never mind another 2. I have got so used to my meals as I usually have cereal as my B choice or if I have melon/fuit and yoghurt or a SW fry up I will have 2 alpen lights. So this week i have had alpen lights most days. However longterm I dont want to being having alpen lights everyday. I want to get more variety (never mind the cost of them). I did go to tesco last night and bought some tinned fruit from the B choice list and some fibre plus bars which I have just tried and it was very nice.
I'd agree with everything that Jaylou says!
It is ever so hit and miss to start with. I continued to lose for the first two weeks and had to increase to 4 B choices (mostly Red days) and 15 syns - I found it ever so hard!
I think that for me, the biggest mind shift was worrying about losing control.
I'm currently 3lbs below target, but that is because I gave myself a couple of weeks back on plan.
I tend to be a lot more flexible now - some days I follow the plan and some days I allow myself a little more of what I fancy :-0
You will see fluctuations - in the 3 months that I've been at target, I've only sts twice. I now always have a 1/2lb gain coming up to * week. Don't worry about this at all - it is perfectly natural and normal - we can't be exactly the same weight week in week out!!!

Well done on reaching target - it is fabulous!!!
Continue to enjoy eating well and healthily (for the majority of the time) and also to still experiment with foods.......and don't forget to enjoy that new body of yours! x
"I tend to be a lot more flexible now - some days I follow the plan and some days I allow myself a little more of what I fancy :-0"

I am exactly the same! I have to admit I only ever get strictly "back on plan" if I've gone over the 3lb leeway. (obviously if I'm 3lb or more under, I enjoy myself a little bit more...!) A week or so back on plan, soon sorts it out, & I rock n' roll from week to week like that. It works very well for me ;) BIG congratulations on target, you look fab on your photos! xx
Goingtobe fabat 40 - can I ask you.... do you still have to have 4 B choices and 15syns in order to maintain ? Just wondering.
Goingtobe fabat 40 - can I ask you.... do you still have to have 4 B choices and 15syns in order to maintain ? Just wondering.
Averaging it out, I am probably maintaining on 3 B's and 15 syns - some days I have more syns, others less.

To be honest, I don't count everything anymore - for instance, I will have soup for lunch and don't syn or B choice it....but...I do make sure that I choose a low fat soup.

I would not recommend that for anyone starting on maintenance, I just do what works for me now, definitely follow your C's advice - over time you will know what works.


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I too struggle to find an extra B choice - i'm so conditioned to only having 2 a day (red/green days) that to add a third just seems wrong sometimes. When i carried on loosing and my consultant suggested having 4 a day - i said no way - i wasn't happy with eating what i was, never mind "adding" to it.

I ended up resetting target and aimng for another half stone (then again at that point i was 5lb under target, so it was put on 2lb to get back into range, or loose 2lb for new target), and so far (it's only been just over a month) - i've managed to flit around in the 3lb under target we're allowed to be - i think i went over for a week, then back to target, and then at the lower limit, and my half lb gain this week pushed me firmly into range - just hoping not to have a loss this week).

It's all really though about finding a happy medium where you're weight isn't varying and your happy with what you're eating.
I never bother with the extra he's .. and my C totally agreed with me. I follow plan as usual, because my weight fluctuates so much, and im perfectly happy with that. My way of maintaining is anywhere between 3 up and 3 down and it can be as much as a 6lb gain, or even a 6lb loss in one week. Iv proberly sts for 3 weeks of the entire time iv been at target LOL (the first target i mean, so just over a year now)

They say not to increase syns and i dont, i use the plan exactly the same as if i were trying to loose, but allow myself extra treats and will have a 'day off' (or in my case a week haha) whenever i see fit.

:) Youl find your own way though- for me, if i eat too much cereals, c bars or bread, whether i be counting it as a HEB or not, i gain so i see no point as i know i wont sts and would rather gain for somthing for more yummy.. like CHOCOLATE CAKE



Just doing it this time
massive good luck for maintaining. Going to class regularly is also a key to maintenance. Ihave lost 2 stones - 2.5 stones etc in the past and stopped going to class and regained all the weight, thinking that I've done it now so can maintain myself. I can't.

I know that when I get to target this time - I need to go to class and weigh and that this is probably something I will have to do for a lifetime.

Good luck, how exciting and Well done BTW.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I realise about the 3lb either way so will just have to relax a little (not too much) and see how my body adjusts.

As for continuing to attend group, I now do the cash desk at my group and have made some really good friends who are still some way from reaching their targets so will continue to attend to support them to achieve their target as their support has been invaluable over the last few months.
I have a long way to go, but just like to say congrats!!
Well I went to class tonight and have maintained my 2.5 stone loss exactly. Having an extra B choice per day and staying within my syns seems to have worked this week. I have my Brother in laws 40th on saturday so will see how I go on next week.

It still doesnt feel right having the extra B choice but it is what the scales say that matters.
first of all, well done for reaching target! bet you're really chuffed :)

my c mentioned to us a few weeks ago that when we reach target, if we don't feel comfortable increasing our healthy extras, we should just be lax about them. for example, not measuring out your cereal in the morning, or not counting each nut individually. go for what looks right to the eye, not what is perfect.

well done on the maintain this week :) xxx

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