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It happened .. I was bold .. I feel so sad!!

Hi all,

I have to come on to cry cry cry I feel so bad!

.. I am getting married in 3 1/2 weeks .. So today we went to meet the priest who is traveling with us marry us (weeks hols in Spain too with him) .. It was the first time ever meeting him and we went to his house .. We chatted for an hour and then the dreaded cuppa came up ..

So a lovely 75 year old man had gone and bought some buns and had the table set for tea for 3 ... See where this is going ...

1st I thought I'll take the tea with a tiny showing of milk to be polite .. But he was talking about how he picked the buns at a charity cake sale today for us and hoped we liked them ... So I got my OH to cut a third off his bun to pick at and make him happy .. I really want to get on with him .. He is so important to our special day!!!

So 1/3 of a bun has passed my lips ... And a splash of milk .. Sigh .. No 100% for me! No 3rd shake and off to bed for me .. Ah well necessary sacrifice, feel ok as i didn't eat out of want or weakness .. but man do I feel so sick .. Can't tell if it's real sick or shame!

34 days I had done .. And loved it .. Ah well I am still closing out my last 15 days! Onward and downward!

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aww poor you being put in that position.. never mind hun go to bed and wake up tomorrow with a new day, and carry on, hopefully it hasnt done too much damage xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Can't have done damage. Well done for nit scoffing a whole one.
Thanks for the support guys ... Means a lot.

Don't want to be gross but is it possible my body pushed the fat straight through .. as I woke this morning at 5.45 in a dash to the loo??!!

Only positive is at least I know I will be strong when I re-feed cause it didn't even taste good .. Yay clean new
taste-buds are obviously here! :)

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Becky, I'm sure your body will adjust back quickly for these last few days before your wedding. :) Good luck with everything... let us know how your weigh in goes xx
Hey Becky,

These things happen and just think, keeping him happy means you'll have a fantastic wedding day. Im also willing to bet that most women on lipotrim in your position would have done the same. Keep going though as your doing well and have a fantastic wedding day!

Thanks all for the support!

Well it would appear no damage was done. ... Lost 2kgs on Sat And my breath remains horrid so I didnt come out of ketosis .. Well last 13 days of this stage of my journey (I'll be back thought to shift the last 2stone) so I'm motoring on!

Have a good day all!!

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I think you did well but perhaps you should have had that third shake? You need the nutrients in each pack to keep you healthy. Don't let minor slips get you down, you seem strong and determined and will win through.

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