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Sorry to sound uber depressing here on xmas morning (its not actually), but i was wondering to myself sitting here alone, when did xmas time for me actually become all about food and how much i can avoid it? its pretty much all i have thought about in my sleep, when i wake up and my life has suddenly become pretty grim in relation to food and actually living. i think everyone who manages to stay healthy over xmas and at any time of the year deserves a lot of praise, so this is my praise to all you guys on xmas morning being happy, healthy and ploughing on and not giving up. i think everyone on this board is pretty damn inspiring and i am determined to get my life back in the new year, happy, healthy and alive.
Merry xmas X
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Good morning, I don't have an answer to your food problems but I hope 2010 will give you some answers xx


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I do understand how you are feeling as I felt like that last Christmas.

This Christmas I have decided to give myself a couple of days when I don't think about food. It may take a couple of weeks to lose anything I put on, but 2 weeks out of 52 is a drop in the ocean.

I hope you can enjoy today and that 2010 brings you everything you wish xxx


Wishing and hoping!
don't beat yourself up - i am taking christmas day and boxing day off so that I can relax and enjoy christmas -you are allowed to have a break! it is not giving up having time off as I am still doing SW and be straight back on when this period is over! I see SW as a journey and there are good and bad times - it makes you a better person to understand when mistakes happen and the relationship you have with food so that you are more aware of yourself.


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I dont have any answers for you
but please do look at all you Have achieved
you lost 28lb in less than a year so more than 1/2pound a week - that is a really healthy way to lose weight - you are changing your relationship with food slowly - remember this is a lifestyle thing NOT a diet you are healthier than you were last year BECAUSE you have lost that weight and been able to keep it off

so keep doing what you are doing its working for you - slowly but surely you are making a difference to your life

H xxxx
Happy Christmas to you and yours

Happy Holidays

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Jacz it made me feel a little sad when I read your comments.

The SW plan is about healthy eating but that doesn't mean you have to go without. there is lots of nice SW friendly food you can eat, today I had bacon butties for breakfast (& dried fruit from my stocking); lunch is duck, turkey, piggies in blankets, stuffing (made from mince, onions & bread), with roast veggies. Pudding will be christmas pud & mince pies, but I've bought myself 0% greek yoghurt to put on instead of cream.

All in all not too many syns there but good christmas food.

Just take a look at what you have to eat & I'm sure it's really not as bad as you think.

I'm no saint I will be eating chocs & drinking JD & wine.

Have a lovely day xx


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Thanks for the posts guys, its nice to read. I wasn't intentionally trying to be sad or full of self-pity, i was just reflecting on my relationship with food and the fact that it's become a little unhealthy (the relationship and the food). I understand what you are all saying, and I'm hoping that with a new year coming in I can start to change my lifestyle again properly and happily as I did last year. Obviously it's a battle for any addict to combat their addiction, and unfortunately mine is food, something that we need to survive, therefore I need to have a good relationship with it without it being a compulsion. I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday, and have a wonderful rest of the xmas and new year! You're all stars! Much love xxxx