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Itchy and scratchy

Nearing the end of my first week, and all is well with the diet itself...
However... I've noticed I am incredibly itchy, especially on my legs (particularly the calves). I have not changed washing powder or soap or any other external factors, and am just going through a process of elimination of what could be causing it!
I had a quick google about itching and VCLDs which didn't throw a massive amount of light on the situation, but it seems that some people have developed urticaria and rashes whilst on VCLDs. Now I don't actually have a rash, but the itching is driving me mad - once I start I can't stop scratching! Has anybody else found this happening to them?
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Back on the diet train...
ooh yep i get it!!! my thighs r the worst tho i dont no why??? but im gald im not the only one!! ;) its so annoyin!
Cheers Bex, so pleased it aint just me!

I suppose everyone has different side effects... I've been waiting for the bad breath to kick in, but so far it hasn't. One of my mates did LT recently, and she didn't get the breath either. I'm hoping I've escaped that but maybe the price to pay is itchy legs! :D


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Poor you I don't suffer itching but boy I don't half stink lol x


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Amendment to above post - my breath don't half stink:8855::8855::8855: not me personally, Honest!
LOL Catt!
I've prepared a little LT friendly breath freshener which I carry with me in case I feel the need: I bought a little travel size spray bottle from Boots (99p), put in some Listerine and a few drops of peppermint essential oil (as I can't stand the taste of Listerine!). A couple of sprays and you're good!
Clara- the mouth spray is a BRILL idea- I'm pinching that one
Re: itching... I'm WONDERING (bear with me) if it's to do with the weight loss and your skin is itchy because it's loose/has contracted. When I put on weight mine itches (just before the hideous stretch marks appear) so I'm wondering if it's something similar? The skin readjusting to what it has to cover?
Just a thought!

Hmmm, interesting theory Determined Girl, makes sense like. Will see how things go over the next week!


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I kno what you mean Determined Girl. Just before my stretchies appear my skin itches up a storm. So i think your theory could be close to the mark. Maybe bio oil or similiar would stop this? Or at least ease it a wee bit? Clara i hope you get it sorted hun.
I think you may have been right Determined Girl, I always put moisturising oil over the top half of my body in the shower (for some reason never bother with legs!), so today I put it over my whole body and I've been grand! Actually forgot about the itchiness until coming on the forum and I realised "Oooh, I haven't been itching today!"
Mystery solved! :D


No longer a redhead though!
Please bear in mind it may well have nothing to do with the diet at all and you could have a different medical condition.

I had really bad bouts of itching (long before Lipotrim) and got checked out at the docs - his main concern was that it was thyroid linked and he did all the tests.

My was 'set off' by stress at work. I now have to take antihistamine every day to keep it at bay.

Just be aware it might not be linked at all!?

Lisa x
Cheers Lisa, good advice. I'm keeping a close eye on things, but touch wood I haven't had any itching for a few days now. If it comes back it may be worth a trip to the doctors. Cheers babe x :)

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