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It's A Miracle!


needs more willpower!
I've been feeling a bit rubbish because for the last 3 weeks i haven't lost any weight. Anyway, last night i was feeling crap (after almost burning the house down!) i had a big binge. I had an 80g bag of rainbow drops, 5 custard creams, 1 slice of white toast with butter, 2 penguin wafers and a bag of crisps. I weighed myself this morning and i've lost 1lb!! How i've done it i do not know! It's a miracle lol
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Lover of Extra Easy
Well, well done for losing the pound but you may find it takes time before it shows on the scale so please don't be disappointed if you find you have put on!
I have found that if I go overboard, and go to WI, I often STS or still have a weight loss. I get so excited thinking that I can still lose weight and be naughty. Then, I am really good the next week and I put on!
So, please don't take it for granted this can be the norm. Just rule a line, be glad you enjoyed in, and carry on being good.
If you still lose weight that is brilliant but please don't be disappointed if you don't!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Stuff happens! Don't beat yourself up about it! Now just draw a line and start again, write it all down, read your books, and you will soon be back on track!


Slow but sure....
Well done you were lucky, you must get back on plan quickly though before your 'binge' turns to weight - it takes a couple of days to show up, so if you get straight back to plan you may get away with your binge and not gain at all. X

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