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Its all gone wrong already!!


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As you may remember from yesterday I was planning on starting Atkins today.
Well a few people in my family have had an awful D&V bug and this morning I woke up with it, wasnt too bad at first and still planned on starting, but as the morning went on, I went really ill and nearly passed out in the bathroom, went green (according to hubby) and have had to spend the day in bed.
As a result, what I have eaten today is one slice of white toast with butter and marmite, 1 can of diet lemonade and 1 cherryade flavour ice lolly. So not gone well!!
Obviously I will have to start another day!!
Wanted to just ask you guys something as well, my sister said earlier when I mentionned atkins, "oh you dont want to do that, it makes people ill, the man who devised it died himself of a heart attack!"

Is this true??? Not that it means it was because of the diet if it is true!

I told her that I could die of a heart attack being overweight!
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oh no honey :( you start when you feel right xxxx
i got told he died of being obese and falling over !


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He had a heart attack the year before he died but it was caused by an infection...he died coz he fell over
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hope you get better soon.
lmao at you lot. read the link jim posted :D


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Feel better soon. I wouldn't worry about the food aspect until you're fit and well. You're hardly going to be taking much in when loads is coming out! IYKWIM!

Don't tell people you are doing Atkins as you'll get that reaction, just say you are cutting back on your carbs. People don't seem to bat an eyelid at that.


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I started atkins after having the d&v bug. It totally cut out my atkins flu as i hadnt eaten for 3 days so my body had already detoxed from carbs.
Poor Dr Atkins slipped backwards on a frozen NY pavement and cracked his skull. He went into a coma and never recovered. He was in his '70s, God rest him.

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