Its been a while


one day at a time....
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Sorry i've not been on in a few days, and what a few days its been.

I've been at the doctors 3 times in the past week and have never felt so horrible before, but i've stayed on the diet and not cheated!

It's been TOTM and usually thats not an issue but this week i have been in absolute agony and had to go doctors as i was loosing way too much! Spoke to the chemist and they said this diet has nothing to do with my issue, so i've continued having my shakes.

Last night things got so bad had to go straight back to doctors first thing this morning and get prescribed medication to stop the bleeding as he was slightly concerned.
I really don't want to come off the diet, has anyone else had the same issue?:(
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Getting thinner everyday!
sorry to read about you problem. good for you re: sticking to LT. Must have been so much harder.

No advice here. I've had no problems in that department.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


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Poor u, u've been tru d mill. Well I'm only on day 2. Got my period 2day n it's way heavier than usual. Also, now n then wit totm I will get d odd cramp in my leg but 2day both my legs r killing me. Could b just a fluke as I'm only on d diet 2 days but it does seem strange. R u on any sort on contraceptive that mayb conflicted wit LT?