It's been a while


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I haven't been on for a while :cry: I started refeed at the end of November as I have so many do's and what nots. It has been sheer hell, I have had 3 bad attacks with my gall bladder, have been in hospital for 4 days and am now waiting to go into hospital to have the gall bladder removed. Got on the scales this morning and have only put on 1lb :eek: (thought it would be more) I had a bad attack of the stones last night so I am back on LT as I am so scared to eat, I had tuna last night and that kicked it off. Not looking for sympathy just wanted to let people know that I am back, alive and kicking :8855: If the hospital rang me right now and said there was a bed for me I would drop everything and leg it to the hospital, and pound on the theatre door.
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hey Debbie- I hope u get better soon. its horrible that wen ur so determined to lose weight, an illness gets in the way of it. u have done so well, its an inspiration for some1 like me who is good startin off with but then gets put off track for 1 reason or the other. i hope ur surgery date comes soon so u can get it out of the way. good luck x


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Hiya Debbie, Welcome back and gosh I am so sorry to hear ya have been so unwell. Unfortunately with gallstones its one of those side effects with this diet. I dont know if your doctor has told ya but ya can get a liquid that dissolves gallstones, it can only be prescribed by your doctor however by the sounds of your pain that ya are in it could have gone too far that ya need an operation! Hope ya get better soon, take care


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Sorry to hear you have been so unwell Debbie,hope its all sorted soon & not to much more trouble in the meantime...take care hun!!! Caz xx
p.s well done on only gaining a lb!!!

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hope u get beta soon ,1lbs nt bad maybe wen they take ya stones out ule drop it off lol:8855:.serious though hope u get beta soon x


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welcome back nice to hear from you sorry to hear your not feeling so good
Hope things are sorted sooner rather than later
all the best


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Hi Debbie, sorry to hear about the gall stones. I hope they get them sorted for you soon, it must be making you pretty miserable. x