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Its easy - does that mean its not working?

Hi everyone. I started Lipotrim 4 days ago and have found it really easy.

I weight 16 stones and at 5ft thats a lots to lose.

I thought I would have hit ketosis by now but all I've had from day one is lots of energy and a furry tounge.

As I'm not suffering does this mean its not working? I've stuck to it religously.

I'm pertrified of getting on the scales and finding out Lipotrim didnt work for me.

Any ideas on why I'm finding it easy? Anyone else not lose weight on Lipotrim

Help!! :confused:
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dont panic - you dont know that you havent lost weight do you? If you are going ok and you are sticking to it 100% then as much as i can see through the threads you will be losing weight. I am on day 5 and i havent really had it as bad as some other people appear to have. But that isnt to say that it wont get that way as time goes on.

Just be thankful for being able to get into it straight off. I think it is something to do with how positive you are as well - i am so determined that i wont let anything or anyone get in my way - this is the last chance saloon for me so it has to work!!! i have weighed myself and i appear to have lost weight - will know for def how much on Monday.

so hang in there and dont be tempted to get complacent - the crap might catch up with you any minute now.

Good luck xx:D
there's no way you won't lose weight if you're sticking to it!

for me it's been a hard 4 days, but that's probably because I've had a lot of family visiting and there has been food on the go constantly... that and being off work for the holidays means I've got time to dwell.

But I know what you mean about it being 'easy'....drink the shakes...drink water...lose weight....it seems too good to be true!

Glad it's going well for you- keep it up and if you have any top tips do share!

God Im glad someone asked that!! Apart from the horrid chicken soup experience on the first day I have found it plain sailing and was also starting to panic I was doing something wrong because of other peoples experiences.......Ah well chic time will tell, my 1st WI is tuesday....keep us informed and I'll do the same xxxxx:eek::eek::eek:
i find it easy too, have done since the start - so you should be fine. keep sticking to it 100% and you will lose all the weight you want!


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i had no side effects and still haven't.i'm on week 4 now too.
hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones that don't suffer x
good luck x
Ah thanks so much for your replies everyone. I'm feeling much better now.

My first weigh in is also on Tuesday so I'll let you all know how I get on.

Even if I haven't lost weight I know the extra water is doing me some good. My skin is glowing lol!!

Would also like to say that I love the chicken soup and really look forward to it. I make it with a pint of water, add some black pepper and salt and I'm in heaven. Ok its a little watery but it doesnt bother me.....each to their own.

Maybe this really will work - I'm so determined and also so excited.....just think of all the shopping for new clothes.

I'm at war with my flab.............I'M SO GONNA WIN!!!!! x


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Furry tongue = ketosis :D which means its working!!

I was the same honey - i was on TFR for 21 weeks and found it a doddle :)

If you stick to it 100% then you will lose weight the first week - no questions :D x


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don't think your meant to add anything to the shakes or soup hun,ie salt and pepper.
a few ppl doing LT do though and they still lose weight x
It is impossible to not loose weight on this diet provided you stick to it 100%.

Be glad its easy, some people find it REALLY hard.

Nothing to worry about, you'll find that out at WI!!


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Would also like to say that I love the chicken soup and really look forward to it. I make it with a pint of water, add some black pepper and salt and I'm in heaven. Ok its a little watery but it doesnt bother me.....each to their own.
Ahhhhh salt is a complete no no!!!!

Pepper, you shouldn't be adding anything any of the shakes/soup but people do add pepper and some people's losses arent affected.

Please don't add anymore salt ... :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Dont worry you will be fine!!

I found it a breeze :) xxxx
Welcome & Good Luck!

I too have found it easy and am still losing weight x
Argh! I was sure I'd seen that someone on here said salt would be ok.

Right no more salt from now on. I'll take the soups and shakes exactly as they come.

Ok so I might not lose a lot this week because of the added salt but I will next week.

Thanks again for all the help. Please keep giving me tips - I so want this to work x
Summergurl wot an inspiration you are...God!! I only pray myself, blackrose (and now "weenie") can do as well as you!!!:happy096:


I too am finding it incredibly easy. I hope it stays like that as I'm only on week 3.

Good luck Weenie and keep doing what you're doing and you'll fly through the plan and end up at your goal in no time at all.


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I also found it very easy on my first week, the second week was harder but after that 4 weeks in and I find it easy too.


Positivity is the key
glad things are going easy for you, enjoy it! Hope you have a good weight loss on Tuesday, not long for it now.