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***It's Friday (Hooray!) - Hour by Hour***


I will get to goal .....
Hello ..... is there anyone there?! :sign0163: Bit nervous - this is the first daily I've ever started :wave_cry:

Well Friday is here at last - but OMG is soooo cold. Sat in the office sipping tea and shivering :gen125:. Had a lovely cottage cheese salad last night - portion of cottage cheese on 790 is mahoooosive!! Struggled to get it all in - but where's there's a will, there's a way ;)

Anyway going to have another good day today (8-12 pints) - I will get my 3lb gain off and hopefully a little more too. So here's to plenty of water and a happy dam Friday to all :D

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Mornig Dobbie and everyone else,

It si VERY cold i am shivering to.

dobbie if u think 790 is a lot of food wait til u get on to 1000plan then the 1200 lol omg u will think ur gonna burst lol xx

well today i have a dress fitting at 11am, it needs loads off the bottom and needs some of the sleves!! but round the rest it now fots lovely thanks to fab CD, hehe, Then at 1.15 i have my weight-in!! eekk, i dont hold out much hope this week as it has been totm for me, on monday my scales were showing a small gain,and this morning my scales have shown i have stayed the same!! so will have to wait and see what the official weigh-in says!! but can live in hope that i may have shiverd some off b4 then!! lol
Morning Dobbie, Tara and everyone!!!!

Well after a tearful end to the day at work, my friends came to visit and we had a really girlie chat....I don't get to do that, that often, but Hubby was away and Jessica was playing brilliantly.
I am definitely more positive again today!!
Sun is shining it's bloomin cold here too! I've just had a bouillon drink this morning to warm my cockles!!!
My Boss and most of the managment team are away today and the mood here is almost Partyesque!!!

Good luck with the official weigh in later Tara, let us know how you get on!!!


Morning guys
Its so cold today! I was at my desk at 6.45am freezing :(
Good luck with your weigh in Tara. mine is Monday so need to get through the weekend without any blips, i suspect i will be on here most of the weekend to stop me eating! Hope dress fitting goes well.
Have a great day everyone and thank goodness its FRIDAY! :)


Got to stop eating!
Yep I am bl**dy freezing too! I have to fan heaters blowing one on either side but think my body is just going back into ketosis so I am doubly cold!!!

How are we all this morning??? Positive!!! I am feeling nervous as have my weigh in tonight! I might just change my habits and log in tonight to let you all know how I did! On my scales which are usually about the same I am 12st 3lbs but i always put on about a pound with water and shakes before WI!

Tell me truthfully guys what do the crisps that you can make taste like???



I will get to goal .....
Lu & Tara - best of luck for your WI's. Got everything crossed for you guys.

Tara- oooohhhh dress fitting!!! EEEKKK how exciting. Not long to go now til the big day!!!

Maz - well done for biting the bullet and changing your ticker. That can be your motivation to be extra good this weekend ready for your WI next week

Mrs V - so glad you are feeling much better today!! Some people have so much to answer for!!!

Let's have a great day - plenty of water to get through :D


Morning gals! Cor is it cold or what?! :gen125:I'm off into town at the weekend to get me a winter coat, I was going to put it off until I'd lost a bit more but it's just toooo cold in the mornings now - is it me or did winter pop up from nowhere??

I've still got toothache so I'm grump today.:badmood: I'd only just made the appointment to register with the Dentist in a couple of weeks and then I get toothache - WTF??!! Do they sense something??!

Good luck with your weigh in's today and at the weekends girls.

Tara - have a fab time at your dress fitting.

Mrs V - Nice to see you are much more positive today - that's the spirt. You are doing so so well. Fingers crossed we both hit that stone mark on Tuesday!!

Dobbie - you seem so more relaxed now. Keep it up chick you are doing so well - am going to join you on 790 for the weekend. I am so looking forward to my tea!! Hopefully I can get back to SS from Monday.

Have a great positive days ppl. Vxx
Morning! I'm sitting here shivering too!!! Brrrrr!
Had my first official weigh in with my CDC last night, and her scales show 12lbs gone in 3 weeks- so very happy with that! :)
Also asked for 3 cheese and broccoli soups, had one last night and its quite nice with loads of black pepper! Not quite like eating cheese, but much better results eating the soup!
I also dug out a favourite pair of jeans I last wore a year ago, and they so nearly button up! Size 12s too, so I'm chuffed to bits today, and wearing them despite being unbuttoned!


:clap:Well done Moonbeam - what a great incentive - just think in a few more days you'll have them buttoned!! I can't wait to be able to get my old jeans back on! Keep it up!


Gone, but who cares huh
Freezing here too, but an emotional start to the day, hubby rang from work and in the backgound his co-worker was cracking a joke about me just getting out of bad at 10am, and it really bothered me, i have vascilitis, osteo arthritis and fibromyalga and usually im out of bed 7am every day to take my lad to school, but he is off today and i had a little sleep in and i felt `got at` cos fibro makes you very tired somedays, and my vascilitis is bad today so the combination is making me weepy and then combined with cd which although is i think for me easy in lots of ways its hard pschologically, and i find im much more emotional than usual,
today im going out xmas shopping with a friend so i know i wont be able to drink huge amounts of water so im trying to get as much as i can down me now, good luck to everyone else today nd keep warm,


Got to stop eating!
Gill sweety...... it sounds like you're having a tough time and not just today!!!

Just remember they are only jealous that you managed a lie in and a bit of me time is always a good thing!!!

Screw them gill.... you deserve a bit of a break! Keep your chin up chick!

Sending some hugs across OOOOOO

Yeah, don't listen to them! I am sure they are just jealous that you have a morning in bed, even if it is the only day you've had in ages! Esp since today is sooo cold, everyone just wants to be snuggled under a duvet!
I am normally a very 'hot' person, am always too hot rather than too cold, and would prefer to be the latter, but apparently on Cambridge you get cold a lot? It is only my 2nd day, so not sure if that is why I am so cold, or just the weather, but it is really freezing!
One question - does anyone else actually like the spicy tomato soup? Have read loads of people saying they hate it, but had it for supper last night and thought it was lovely! Maybe I am just wierd?!:(
I've got the tomato soup to try this time, but I'm waiting till I'm in the mood to try it. I haven't liked any of the soups much but I'm frozen today, so might try it later.

I might add some of the psyllium husks to make it a bit thicker. I'm obsessed with them since my first lot yesterday. I've just had a hot vanilla with husks porridge and it's just so yummy I could cry with happiness - how totally mad is that :eek:
I might add some of the psyllium husks to make it a bit thicker. I'm obsessed with them since my first lot yesterday. I've just had a hot vanilla with husks porridge and it's just so yummy I could cry with happiness - how totally mad is that :eek:

Hmmm, I am just about to have the vanilla porridge too and I like it!! Thankfully there is something to look forward to!

Gill, I hope that those comments haven't hurt you too much - just ignore it - as someone said, they are probably just jealous that you had a lie-in and they didn't!
Psyllium Husks Digestive Fibre - 300g tub

That would explain it better!

It is carb free, so you can eat it when SS'ing too!!!
I have only recently discovered it's hidden talent! and if you are having trouble going to the loo, this will definitely help you!!!
H&B sell it, but it is more expensive.


Got to stop eating!
Can't wake up!!!! need to go back to sleep! having a real crash right now for no reason!

Not sure why I am telling you guys this but feel I have to keep typing to stay awake!!!

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