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Thankyou. The weekend will be the tester for me. I need to stay focussed and on track. I want a good first week weight loss.
Happy Friday!

You can do it, have you got anything planned for the weekend? What would be your danger points for going off track?

I really like making something nice for lunch/dinner at the weekend, so I find SW recipes I like the look of and make something special, also have some of my syns for wine/ G&T etc. As long as you count your syns and keep counting them, you can still have a night out or special night at home. It's when we stop counting that we get in trouble ;)
Um Danger points........nice weather and beer garden!!! lol I have been thinking about this and would be fairly happy to have a Vodka and Diet coke instead. Thats better than lager. Going out for a meal tomorrow lunchtime but will try and have the healthy options. I went to get my haircut last night where i have a coffee and a mint chocolate. I was very good and didnt have the chocolate. I suppose little things like that all help. I am hoping to do a long walk too this weekend. I like the comment about counting the syns. Great idea. :)
Yeah I know thats a great idea but I got my weigh in on Monday so need to be really good. Thats why i picked a Monday class to try and keep me focussed. :) I hope it works.
Oooh beer garden, afternoons out in the sun. Lovely!

I'd definitely switch to vodka & diet coke!! Lager will be using up 10 syns per pint, and really..... would you just have the one? ;)

If you have vodka and DC, you could have it in a pint glass, (2.5 for single, 5 syns for double) so you're not drinking them too quickly. Another nice one is vodka with soda water and fresh lime juice.

If I am trying to make my syns last longer I switch from wine (5 syns) to vodka and slimline tonic (2.5) I use loads of tonic so it lasts longer.

Another tasty one for something bit different is moscow mule. Vodka, lime juice and diet ginger ale.

Hmmm... should I be going on so much about booze before 9am? lol!
There is no time scales when talking about VODKA!! lol That is my tiple and yes you are right i wouldn`t just have the one beer! I have tried vodka, lemonade and lime juice but never with Soda water instead. Will have to see how the weekend goes. :)
I do feel incontrol at the moment!
Woo Hoo! I love Friday!!!!! Even better because the sun is shining today, I will try and get home for 1630 so I can enjoy a bit of time in the garden pottering around the veg beds and in the greenhouse.

Everything seems so much better when the weather is good!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone, good luck Paul, you can do it!!
~Morning Paul,

Its almost the weekend YAY !. All this talk of beer gardens and vodka has completely distracted me this morning and if it wasnt for a conference call later this afternoon with my team, I'd be out the door like a shot at lunchtime.

Have a great weekend, with just the right amount of syn :p
Its a personal thing - you can use Flexi syns if you want to - which is what i do as my downfall is always a few glasses of something over the weekend.. Basically start with the total number of syns for a week (105 i think) and count backwards..

k xx
That isnt what i was told. I was allowed 15 a day but could them up over a week period. So you have 105 a week. Not sure what others have been told though?

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