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It's hard having a birthday on SS isn't it?

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it's my birthday today and it has amazed me how much birthdays are all about food!!

my kids wanted a birthday tea, so they had pizza and veggies, followed by a birthday cake for me. i watched them eat and said i would eat with daddy later and have my cake then (they haven't noticed i am not eating yet!) :confused::)

although i am 100% SS and committed to it, i still feel sad that i can't celebrate my birthday in the usual way, with a lovely meal with my family!

roll on next birthday and i can be slim and enjoy some yummy food too! :D:D

who else has SS'd on their b.day?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and well done for sticking with it, not easy but as you say next Birthday you will be able to celebrate in style! xx
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thanks porgeous, your photos are a HUGE inspiration for me, you are amazing!


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Happy Birthday. I SS'd my birthday in July, it was actually quite easy as I went out with my parents shopping for the day and they were on SS then too. My daughter had fast food as her treat for my birthday.
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My OH has planned a birthday party for my 21st at end of October, so i will have to come off SS before then, so i can atleast have a celebration drink, as i think she would murder me if i can't have the food or drink after she has put in so much effort!. My plan is to get straight back into it though.. so hopefully i wont mess me up to badly!


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I started CD 2 days after my 30th Birthday. I suppose it was my 'final blow out' if you like. Not that I ate/drank much, I just wanted to be able to enjoy being around my mates and not feeling left out!
Well done to you though.
My birthday is July so I am hoping by next July I will be at the end of my journey or at least most of my way through so that I can celebrate - I think you've done really well to stick with it, well done. And Happy Birthday! x
Happy Birthday!

I had mine on Aug 15th and stuck with CD, food does not bother me really. Yeah sometimes I get stroppy if I see a family member eating chips or somthing but I am trying to change the way I think of food.

We are a 'food' family, we like to eat and talk food. At my BDay party we had a table full of food and was not bothered.

Made me think how much rubbish I would have usually put in = my mouth for the sake of it.

I just hope next year I am happy with myself and that kept me going.

Only a immediate family know I am on CD and nobody realised I was not eating, heard tonight a friend of the family asked my sister if I had lost weight. Was happy that someone thought I had without knowing that I was even trying.
Happy Birthday

I did not have to ss on my birthday, however I did have to go out with my partner on his and watch him have a fab meal, then bring the cake home. You have just got to keep your mind set and just think of those fab pictures of you on your birthday next year looking so slinky and happy, wearing something fabulous.

Well done for today, you have a fantastic evening, happy birthday x
Its my bday on 25th oct , im still not sure what I will be doing?? if im near my goal i my well use my bday to start moving up the plans but will have to see how near I am??

Happy birthday for yesterday hun.xx
Hey hun. Lemme just tell you how immensly impressed i am!

I started SS 28th september last year and came off it on the 12th of oct for my birthday. my "CHICKEN SALAD" in the restaurant turned into jugs of cocktails.....never got back on plan past day 8 apart from TODAY!

I'm so glad you stuck to it, I will be this year!



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I'm in awe. You didn't cheat on your birthday, not even with a little salad? What a tremendous willpower! You must be so proud of yourself.
Hopefully there will be many, many other festivities with lovely food... and a new, slim you!


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I will be on SS for my birthday in about a month.. wondering how it'll be.

Kudos to you for sticking with it! :)
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thanks all for your positive and supportive comments. i had a great birthday and we went to the mamma mia singalong to celebrate!

it was a novel experience to be goody free at the pictures but it was fine ;)
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I turned 42 in my second week of W8 Regular (shakes + add a low carb meal) in July this year. I will never forget how contented and happy I was to open my cards with my strawberry breakfast shake, and later when went out to a carvery with my family I stuck to a slice of turkey and some cabbage -- nothing else -- and drank a litre of water. "You can't do this on your birthday," my brother in law said. "Watch me, I can and will!"

What gets me is having to celebrate my friends' birthdays -- they want me to drink champagne or eat pizza. Choosing what I wanted to do on my birthday was easy compared to this!


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
So, I promised myself a Wii for my birthday ! Bwahha. I won't be consumed with food-cravings and I'll be playing with the Wii all day.

Nice solution, I think. XD

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