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It's just hit me.....I'm scared


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I lost 5 stones on CD last year, from March to August. I still wanted to lose more, but got comfy in a new relationship. Since them, up until just after xmas (been to worried to get on the scales since then) I'd gained almost 2 stones of what I lost. I wasnt mega worried, as I knew I was back on CD at the end of January. But it's just hit me, today, what a waste it was to gain some of what I worked so hard to lose, and worse still, what if I can't get 'in to' it like I did before?? I'm really scared about it. I'm not living at home with my dad like I was last year when I was on CD, I'm living with my boyfriend, who can, and does, eat anything, and not gain an ounce, what if I get tempted, and succumb? Believe me, I really really don't want to, I want to be at least 12 stones. Has any oher re-starters felt like this, and how did you get on?
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Most people seem to find it more difficult restarting - but if you want it bad enough ......................................
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hi there.

i am in the same position as you! I lost 3 stone last yesr with cd, as was very nearly in a size 14 ( from a size 20!) and gave up and shot back uo to a size 18.

I am scared, but i restarted last week and have lost 10 pounds so far and am into a size 16.

i think you have to want it bad enough, and on the plus side, if you have done it once you can deffo do it again!

good luck, and keep us posted!

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I am exactly the same. I lost 4 stone in 2006 but put it all and some back on. I have tried to restart cambridge twice before. The most I've lost is 2 stone before it falls apart.

The only thing I hold onto is that I have old clothes that I know, with some determination, I can fit back into. I know how I felt when I wore a beautiful Monsoon dress to a wedding and everyone didn't recognise me, I know how I felt when I could actually run without collapsing in a heap after 10 seconds.

What I am getting at is it IS harder second time round but you need to be spurred on by the fact you HAVE done it before. I think the key for me this time is to get involved with making the 'other' stuff you are allowed to eat like jelly using the water flavourings.

For me I need to snack and only having 3 packs doesn't allow it. So I will be chopping my bars into 10 pieces and making jelly, just so I can feel like I am eating all the time.

If you do happen to pick at something, DON'T give up. Dust yourself down and look to the next day of being 100% on SS.

Sorry for my ramblings but I wanted you to know that you are not at all alone having these fears. I am in the same boat.

B x x x
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I know it's not quite the same as I only had 3 weeks off over Christmas and New Year but I was really worried about the break and restarting. I'd read all the stories on here about how difficuilt people were finding getting back into it after a break so believed that I wouldn't be able to. I've been back on since 2nd Jan and can honestly say that I've found the last week or so easier than the first couple of weeks back in September. People at work are still finishing off choccies and biscuits left over from Christmas and yes, I'm tempted but determind to see this through. It's mind over matter, if you want it badly enough you'll be fine. Try not to worry about it till you're actually back on it then take it a day at a time. Like me, you may be surprised at just how easy it can be. xx


I can do this.
I think we r all a little scared of failure, i lost 5. 1/2st last year and have gained 3st back..but being scared is better than not trying at all. Good luck.


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S: 21st6lb C: 21st6lb BMI: 49.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you everyone. I am determined, and really want it. I just phoned my new CDC, she sounds lovely. I'm going to see her tomorrow, to pick up a medical form to give me time to go and see my Dr and get it signed. And i'll be going back to see her on the 28th to start on the 29th.

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