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It's Monday*******lets Do It Hour By Hour****


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning folks.....New Day New Week..Lets make it a good one..

Hope you all had a great weekend, it was very quite here on mini's so I think you must have. lol

Busy with clients this morning and then a quick dash into town for me.
Just starting my 1st litre and having a hot summer Berry, my usual morning tipple !:D

catch you all later

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I will get to goal .....
Morning HM!

Have a lovely day - hope all your clients turn up and on time!! :rolleyes:
Boring day in the office for me :( so I'll be popping in/out.

Morning all

I was hoping to finally be in the 11's this morning when I had a sneaky look on the scales. I'm dead on 12 instead! Ah well, it's going the right way :) I hope everyone has a good day and good luck to everyone with weigh ins today!

Mocha xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Morning Maggie, Dobbie, Saffron and Mocha...and everyone!!!

Well, I got as far as Saturday and completely ruined the weekend by eating rubbish! Why do I do this to myself??? I am still feeling pretty tired and I really don't want to see my CDC on Wednesday, as I know I will have gained.
Not only that, but she spends all the time that I am there talking about her bowels and how her fiance dumped her - I know...that sounds really, really harsh of me and I am not like this normally!
I really want to stick to this plan and I even managed to get a friend to join on Thursday last week - she is so full of enthusiasm and encouragment and I just can't get into the spirit of things!
I don't know wether to put my CDC off until next Monday when I have time to do a full week of SS, or to bite the bullet and just go to her anyway.

Other than that, I have a poorly Hubby and a poorly Daughter to try and keep their spirits up and all I want to do today is eat!!


I hope everyone else is having a better few days than I am!!!



Fairy Princess to Be
Morning all!
Weigh-in for me this evening, been really good this week so cautiously optimistic, hopefully I'm past the evil plateau and my body has finally settled into weightloss again. Might weigh myself at Boots scales at lunchtime just so I'm prepared for tonights outcome! (Can't handle much more disappointment tbh)
Going to Lush to sniff out their new solid perfumes and treat myself to one + a glitterbug for Saturday night.
Bloody freezing in the office today, got my wrap and my hot water bottle so I can continue to chug away at my water without getting hypothermic.
Hope everyone's happy & warm!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good afternoon folks,

Good luck with your weigh in this evening Claire...I'm sure it will be fine hun x
Had 3 litres water, 2 green teas, 1 hot shake and a can of coke zero so far today.... will try and get 5 litres down today..


Fairy Princess to Be
Thank you!
Well, bit of overshare (be warned) but I'm on depot provera so as I don't have periods (because mine are particularly evil) but this morning I started bleeding! I had this when I very first started CD on SS and had to stop again coz I got really ill. So feeling grotty but at least it explains my moody weekend, my spot and the fact that I was absolutely freezing this morning.
After that I HAD to go to Lush to cheer myself up (of course!) and got the Silky Underwear solid perfume (yummy) and an iridescent Glitterbug (shiny).
Still confident of a decent weigh-in and hey, if it's not I can legitimately blame it on TOTM/water retention for the first time! :D
Well done everyone, we've made it to the afternoon, keep up the good work LOL


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Good grief hedgemag you never cease to amaze me with amount of liquids you get through. I'm working on my 2nd litre of water and I've already been to the loo about 8 times today.

My tummy is really really rumbling now and I don't know why. May go and make a cup of tea and see if that shuts it up. Maybe it's time for my 2nd shake of the day.

Kerry-Ann, that doesn't sound like much fun. Maybe you should look for another CDC?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Afternoon all!!!

Well, I managed to pursuade myself that I didn't want a baguette from the works cafe and feel a lot better for turning it down as I know that it would be repeating on me!!!

Work has kept me really busy - loads of admin work as we had 2 courses starting today. I haven't had the time to think of food!!! This is a good thing for me!!!

I hope everyone is having a positive afternoon too!!!

On the CDC front, she is ok, but a bit whingy!!! Lol! There is another couple that also do the CDC, but they have never returned my emails or phone calls, so I will stay with this one for the time being at least!

Good luck with your weigh in Claire!
Good afternoon,,

Claire good luck with your weigh-in,sure you will do great huni xx

I have got to play catch up with my water today,took dog for his walk n thought wont take a bottle with me as wasnt going to be long, ended up being out 2 hours !!! eeekkkk,see 3 diffrent ppl while i was walking the mutt all whom i hadnt seen in ages so ended up having a chat with all three of them,the last one being a staffie owner too so was having a good old chat about them lol
Hello all. Just wanted to post as I'm feeling very weak and depressed. Got weigh in tonight and after last weekend's mega lapse combined with massive water retention (I swear I'm squelching!) I don't think it's going to be good news. Which of course is making me think I may as well just eat what I bloomin well like afterward.

Very grown up I know - oh well WI in 2 hours with the dreaded news, wish me luck!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Kerrie.....don't worry about it.

If you gain, learn from it and put it behind you...please don't let it upset you enough to want to eat something you shouldn't. Believe me....I have been there and I am desperately trying to get myself out of a rut that I would hate to see someone else in.

Good luck!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well done on the water Tara, I'm on my 4th too, just had a frozen choc tetra...and another mug of green tea.

Looking forward to my cottage cheese again tonight followed by a choc muffin made with a pack as dessert.....the excitement.

Hoping to get another litre down this evening..
Will pop back later


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