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Its Monday**Let's do it hour by hour***


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Morning all

I'm back from my fab weekend away and having to catch up on over 3000 posts :0.

I have had a brilliant time but affraid the diet went out the window. Took packs with me to use..ended up only using 3 of them.

I am going to try and SS properly for the next 4 days as Im going away again on Thursday for 10 days this time.

Hope you all had a good weekend I will get round to catching up with everyone soon. So much going on with me at the mo.

Have a good Monday and good luck with any weigh ins today.



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S: 19st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st7.5lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st4lb(32.59%)
Morning! Hope you're ok? I'm off to the hospital for the last of my procedures today, I'm having a camera down my throat (nice!)

On day 3 of my re-start, and feeling ok, although I'm nil by mouth now until I get home from the hospital!

Hope everyone else has a good day!
Morning ladies,

Oh I am getting to the stage where I cant wait for food!!! I have 2 more weeks of SS and I am wishing the time away :) But at least there is an end in sight to SS and I am committed to completing the 11 weeks, I am just taunting myself with planning for 810 and tis all I can think about at the moment LOL

Ruth best of luck with the procedure today, hope its not too awful
Morning ladies! :D
I am sat here like Amy Winehouse with a hair colour on, so my hair is all plopped on top of my head with a wrap over it...
Had an ok ish weekend, did some shopping (clothes for holiday) I managed to spend 75 quid :eek: Then the groceries on top of that!!

Need to put some of my stuff on ebay to cover it! :D
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Hope today goes well Ruth
HH shouldn't you have gone up already your BMI is quite low to still de SSing...you don't want to let your body go into starvation mode,as the weight will come back on easier and the longer you spend on the plans the better chance you have of retraining your eating habits and keeping the weight off
Hi Susan, I know what you mean :) honestly I'm not taking risks with my health, I spoke to my cdc and she said I can safely SS till I reach 25 bmi.

From what I have read there does seem to be confusion about when you must move up the plans some people seem to think you have to move up with a stone to go to 25 bmi but she said this is not the case once you are already on SS before a stone to go to 25 you can SS safely all the way to 25, but if I wanted to move up earlier I can.

I really want to stay on it till I get to 25 bmi, it was part of my plan from the beginning, I weigh every day so the max I have left is 2 weeks, even if I dont get to 25 by then because I have an event that I cant get out of in week 12, but the day I get to 25 I will move up the plans :)


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Good morning all. I am back from a week in Yorkshire and 5lb heavier. Had a ball though. As promised restarting CD today so need to dig deep. Hope you all have a good day and good luck with WI's and your hosp appointment Ruth.


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Morning all! Hope everyone was good this weekend?

I've still got my poorly Mum staying with me so I'm pretty rushed off my feet as usual. Last night she got stuck in the bath and wanted me to get her out:eek: I'm afraid to say that there was no way I was going to even attempt it, but I did offer to get the fire brigade out:D Besides, there are some things that a girl just shouldn't have to witness, and one of them has to be her naked mother stuck in the bath!

Good luck to everyone with a WI today and to Ruth, hope it goes well for you at the hospital.
Morning everyone, lovely sunny day here so will prob just lye outside most of the day. Bank holiday here today so everyone is of and seems to be outside doing something or another! Havent had any shakes/water yet but will get glugging soon. Hope everyone has a fab day :)

becky xx
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Becky...bank holiday how lovely and nice weather...pouring down here!
HH...My CDC is a 25+ a stone one and was very insistant I moved up,especially seeing as my BP is so low.Good luck with your last 2 weeks on SS
Sounds like a pretty good day for most people, hope the hospital went well Ruth.

I am miserable as hell & have burst into tears 4 times at work today because I'm being treated like crap! Diet going fine though, so theres one positive.
Sounds like a pretty good day for most people, hope the hospital went well Ruth.

I am miserable as hell & have burst into tears 4 times at work today because I'm being treated like crap! Diet going fine though, so theres one positive.

Oh no!


for you!
Oooh! It looks lovely, can I come? A few more stone and I could hide in your suitcase :D I love Wales (come from near Abergavenny myself you see) and have lots of great memories of fantastic hols there. I bet you have a really lovely time, you lucky thing.
We went there a couple of years ago. Its pretty much no frills, but the kids love it and watch the farm animals, and its quiet!!!
I live on a noisy estate so getting over there is just what the doctor ordered! :D
eventually we plan to move permanently to Wales too....:D
Thanks ladies, you're fab as usual!

I've kind of got my head around things last week when I had a week off & went in today to a memo delivered by my bosses delightful (hmmmm) secretary. Aaaaaargh! Some people are horrid & don't think about others.

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