It's nearly December.....


The Diet Guy
Well it's nearly December so what are we "maintainers" going to be up to and what strategies have we got.

For me it is all about keeping the weight off and enjoying Christmas being slim and not hitting January having put a stone back on.

So some of my strategies are :-

When I got out on nights out etc then I will have what I like and enjoy myself.

The rest of the time i.e. in the office I shall be an angel and stick to my packed lunch etc and avoid the mince pies (360 calories each!!) and the tins of celebrations.

I will enjoy healthy Christmas treats such as nuts and dates (the ones from Marks are yummy!!) and avoid having loads of chocolate and general high fat crap in the house.

I will eat very well on Christmas Day and Boxing Day but then be a good boy between Xmas and New Year to allow the odd pound to drop back off.

I won't buy in so many snacks that we are still working through them in February.

I will always choose healthy when I can i.e. spread over butter, skimmed milk over semi skimmed, there is no point in eating dead calories for the sheer hell of it.

Having not eaten on Xmas Day last year I realise that it doesn't stop you having a great day with your family and friends and hence I shall remember that when I think about scoffin' shortbread because someone has come round for a coffee.

Keeping the weight off is all about moderation and not abstination so if I do fancy a chocolate or a treat then I will have it but not the quantities I used to have ( apart from when in the office where I will never eat a treat as that is a too slippy slope).
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Gone fishing
Lovely! A thread for maintainers :cool::)

Okay. I plan to be sensible at parties. I have learnt that just because it's there and free (even if previously paid for), I don't have to eat it all. It will not be my 'last supper'. That doesn't mean that I will stick to salads or anything, just that I can stop before the buffet bar is empty.

If the crisp bowl disappears before it is finished, it is not the end of the world. If worst comes to the worst I can always go out and buy myself a packet if I'm that desperate:rolleyes:

I certainly wont be buying in so much food. I'll get some things that I really fancy even if it costs a lot more as I'll save money with smaller quantities.

Yes, mince pies are a problem for me. So high in calories and definitely a trigger food. One is never an option but I'll probably test the theory:eek:

I will eat and enjoy Christmas Day and Boxing day. I will control the next day.

I may or may not control the day after. (It's my birthday), but I'll cut down portion sizes for a few days after that to get the balance.

I will have butter not spread in the house!
We may have to agree to disagree on that one Mike. I happen to think that butter is much more healthy than spread. I do have skimmed milk though as my son to the other ones.


The Diet Guy
Don't tell me that Butter is better than Spread lol!! I used to sheep dip crumpets in butter and am sure it wasn't that good for me :)


Back again!
Don't tell me that Butter is better than Spread lol!! I used to sheep dip crumpets in butter and am sure it wasn't that good for me :)

LOL :D :D Know where you're coming from with that one Mike, funny thing now is that butter just turns my stomach & I've become a Flora girl.

I too am not going a spend a fortune on party type foods (all those boxes of high fat goodies) that hubby and I end up eating till mid January. Same goes for boxes of biscuits, mince pies & chocolates, I'm just not going to have them in the house. I always over buy these things like the world will end, or I'm expecting guests in their thousands, neither of which has ever happened & unlikely to now (I hope LOL). I will have a box of Green & Black chocolates, which I love & can eat in moderation & will make last, but other than that just keep a sensible head when shopping. We're not having too many family members this year, which will help if I can cater mostly for us three, but even then I'm still not going to fill the house up with crap.

I intend to enjoy my nights out & eat what I want, but not everything because it's there & when I'm full I'll stop eating. I'll make sure that I'm eating sensibly for the rest of the time & remember that Christmas eating doesn't start at the beginning of December & continue pigging-out till early Jan!! Also I'll keep up my walking, which is my preferred method of exercise:)

Agree with you big time on not buying full-fat options, just because it's the holidays, which I always used to do, feeling somehow it was a treat to have full-fat options, lower fat being for diet days only.

I'm going to prove to myself that I can enjoy Christmas without putting on at least half a stone. Not having the "last meal" mentality will definately be a big help too, always my failing!


The Diet Guy
Yes my challenge is to be the same weight on January 1st as I was on December 1st and if I am then a little treat will be in order of a pair of Diesel Jeans that I keep "nearly" buying.