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Its offical.......i have a cold

Hi all,

im back!

i kinda fell off the wagon early may and i have put weight on
Its crept up to 12st 10lbs and im 5ft4.....i feel ashamed

Ive gave myself a bit of a telling off for a few reason really

ive had to go out and buy some new work pants because my zip broke on my current pair because of my weight gain
i also started college this week and felt & looked the biggest there
and what rubbed the salt in the wounds was seeing myself in a mirror in asda and i looked sooooo big, i felt ashamed of myself for getting soo big *shakes head*

ive also not been well recently, ive had constant migrane for 2 weeks and my eyes are soo sore.
so hopefuly coming back to ww will also increase my 5 a day which may help my body get over it.

so yesturday i went and restocked up on all ww friendly food
dusted off my ww books, bought the new ww mag which came with a free copy of healthy mag
weighed myself - 12st 10lbs
and ive relogged on here today for some support

ive also made a lovely looking salad for tomorow dinner that im looking forward to.

ta for reading x
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U will get it off in no time :)
thankyou for the nice comments.

the health mag that came free with the ww mag is ok, it has a lot of eco friendly stuff in it, it can only be bought normally from holland and barrets, but im not moaning seen as its a freeby this month lol

my salad was lovely as i must admitt

can i ask a question tho..........on salads i like a bit of dressing, how many points are in extra light vigin oil???????

cheers guys xx
Don't feel ashamed, I wrote a rather similar "restart" post myself on Tuesday, it happens, the important thing is that you've recognised this and are doing something about it, well done hun and good luck.
hey there, im on my 2nd week of my restart now, can see a common theme going on with us all lol
im sure that this time you will do it, we all have just reached the point of no return i think and hopefully be xmas we'll all be feeling happier about how we feel and look.

welldone for coming back and getting stuck in, sometimes returning is the hardest part :)

suz x
Thankyou for visiting my thread. :D

i know everyone does seem to having a re start.....

im proud of myself my 3rd day into it and ive stuck to it 100% woop woop

i had to make a choice today tho as i had the attack of the afternoon munchies
so i had to choose between a bag of quavers 1.5 points or a chocolate buscuit 2points ......... i chose the choc buscuit :D
God, i enjoyed it lol

had a good day today had a shape yogurt, small banna, low cal ceral bar, 1 ww toast with half can of spagetti hoops and a choc buscuits, just waiting for the other half to get in then its tea, i think were having stuffed peppers and a small chop with a bowl of salad for sides (otherwise it will go out of date) lol hence why i have alot of points left , saved them for tea ;)

this weekend will be different as my b/f is flying out to spain for a long weekend to help his parents out with moving back, so i have to fend for myself (my b/f usualy does the cooking)
so i think il go and do a friday mini shop and see what i can russle up, i want to try and get into the hang of cooking a freezing a batch for in the week.....does anyone do the batch cooking?

tonight im going to start reading my books for the course ive enroled on as i have a lot of essay to write so i want to be extra prepare

hope everyone has a nice evening x
Hey and welcome back! Your doing great so far keep to it! Yeah batch cooking is a handy thing then you know its in the freezer and ususally easy to work out points value too :) xx

what a loverly sunny day its been today :D

well ive had another 100% today whoop whoop

2 yogurts low fat light one
low fat ceral bar
2 choc buscuit digestives
ocean fish pie
and small pot of rice pudding

well meal for 1 all weekend as i dropped my b/f to catch a plane .....im missing him already :cry:

so while im on my own , i dug out some past ww recipes and im going to do some batch cooking, even bought some foil container so i can cook the meal in it and then i will be able to freeze once cool.......il let you know how it goes

it would be great if anyone has any low point currys recipes :D

weight in on monday (home style) so cant wait to see if ive lost any pounds

havent got much planned for the weekend , apart from watching my nethew play footie

thankyou for reading

have a good weekend everyone xx
Well done on another 100% day, you're doing great! This will be my first weekend back on WW so need to make sure I am extra good!
i know what you mean, it will be a first weekend on ww too, i went asda before and got some bit and bobs in for the weekend, alot of veg and fruit too

i resisted the temptation of the pizza self lol
hello there, welldone you for being a ww angel :)

poor you all alone while you bf is in spain, shame you couldnt have gone :(

not treid the batch cooking thing but think im going to need to soon or else buy a slow cooker for winter so that when im working my new long shifts me and dh wont starve (fat chance lol).

hope the w/e passes quick for you and that monday brings good things on the scales. im wi on sunday and a bit nervous!

suz x


In the 10s at last!
Mornin hun hope the weekend doesnt drag too much without the bf around..i dont live with mine & i have mon-fri on my own & i love it! Call me a miserable old bag but im cool with my dd & 3 cats in the week suits me fine!:)

I do batch cook now & again one thing i do make is mashed potato,swede & carrot all together.Its really handy to do all in one go & i can reheat in the microwave.
Ive also done ww soup recipes & chilli.

I can feel your pain with the catching sight of youself in the mirror thing.:(
Its not so long ago that i cringed in shops when i saw myself it felt so depressing BUT 8months down the line i cant stop looking as i cant believe im not fat anymore it makes me so happy to know i did this & honestly it wasnt that hard so im sure you will do it too!
Good luck xxxx
what a fab sunny day its been today:D

Been out all day , only just got in :p

i havent been 100% today :mad:

i had tea round my sisters as she cooked chicken, stuffin, mash and veg for tea, so ive gone over my points, but i did walk 2 miles today with the dogs along the canel which was really nice. i wish i had taken my camera as there were 2 camera shots i could of taken that would of been really nice

but defo 100% until WI day :eek:

Today menu
low cal ceral bar
tin of chicken soup & 2 slices of WW bread
1 jam donut
chicken meal for tea
so maybe only slightly over points for today

hope everyone had a nice day today xxx
Good morning People!

well up bright and early this morning , wrote my shopping list and off i toddled off to asda :D
got loads of fruit and some wW yogurts that are £1 currently whoop whoop ....so got 2 packs of those

todays menu
2 boiled eggs & 2 ww bread - 4
ceral bar - 2
2 ryvita & ww recipe of salmon and cumcumber paste - 3
chicken pie - ww recipe - 4
rice pudding dessert - 3
fruit for snacks

so i shall be within my points today:p

going to take a portion of the chicken pie and take it to my nan (meals on wheels) lol, hopfully she will like it

today im battling house work, cooking the pie and reading my course books as its col tomoz, its sunny but mostly clouds here, i see our mini summer didnt last long this weekend:rolleyes:

anyway gonna crack on and il call back later

ta for nowxx
Good Evening All

well ive had a very good day :D:D:D

My first WI and ive lost 4LBS!!!!;)

my boyfriend is back in the uk and should be home early hours in the morning, im sooo glad hes back

and i had a good session in collage, really looking forward to this year and next, onwards and upwards i say

Not the best Menu......sorry lol
ceral bar 2
apple 0.5
2 x ww 2
marge 0.5
baked crisps 1.5
tangerine 0.5

snack 2 twirls 10......ooppsss

i know im naughty with the twirls but ive counted them into my points and it was my naughty treet, so im allowed lol

hope everyone has had a nice day
wow 4 lbs is brilliant! well done hun :)
Thank you hun

i have enough points left for a light rice pudding mini pot, think il have that lol

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