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It's Saturday **lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Well done Hedgemag!

Well, I'm feeling good again! I bought some skinny fit jeans off Ebay earlier in the week for £2.50, thinking I'd get into them sometime. When I tried them on when they arrived, I couldn't do them up. I tried them on last night, and they fit! Yes, me in skinny fit jeans! Amazing! Bit of a muffin top still but I don't care as it will be gone soon!

Anyway, no movement on scales today which is a smidgen disappointing as I desperately want to get in the 13's, hopefully it'll happen tomorrow instead.

I'm just having my first coffee with some banana tetra, then I shall go for a shower. I'm working 2-6 today.

Hope you all have a good day and good luck with any weigh ins!

S xx

scorpio dawny

keeps on trying
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Well done sarah its a good feeling to get in to smaller clothes.
Just got back from spain so will start ss again today was going to start monday bet getting back on here has made me want to start now, im really happy to, as did not put weight on, on holiday must of been all the hours walking i did.
hope everyone is doing well, i shall read through some of the old post


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Morning all, haven't been on the daily for ages! Well done Sarah, feels good getting into those smaller sizes and skinny jeans too!!

Day 7 Maggie, woo hoo, you go lady!

Good luck with the restart SD!

Nowt planned, my have a go at waxing my legs.... wish me luck!

Hi Ladies, I'm in my second month on SS and I cant believe how quickly it has gone in and I am really enjoying it ;)

Georgie you brave thing waxing your own legs I'm far too much of a chicken, I could imagine me with the wax strip on and walking around all day hoping it will just fall off itself :D

Nothing planned myself today, might head out to do some window shopping and hopefully some walking to increase the old metobolism


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Hi everyone! Not so sunny up here in scotland but never mind. Think i am going to buy a new fridge 2day and have a look to see what clothes i can buy when i get a bit skinnier!!
Hope you all have a good day xx


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Morning all...
It's overcast here in Yorkshire...but I don't care...as I lost 9lbs on my first weigh in...am well chuffed.

I am working today :( ...but it keeps me busy and I think of all the calories I am burning as I run up and down stairs like a lunatic.

Can't wait to fit into some skinny jeans...well done you Sarette. £2.50 is a fab price for skinny jeans...I may peruse Ebay tonight for some inspiration.

Hope you all have a fab day...am off now to refill my waterbottle. :D

Chat soon x


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S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Thanks girls! It's just getting better - just tried on some size 18 trousers that work gave me when I started in October - I couldn't even pull them up then but was too embarrassed to swap them for bigger... Well you've guessed it, they fit!! So I shall wear them this afternoon with pride, even though they are a bit unfashionable lol!

Can't stop smiling today!

Welcome back Dawn! And well done GaynorEm! xx


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Lol unfashionable but fit...fab combination.

It's great when you see the results like that...can't wait to drop a clothes size or two.

Fantastic, who cares what they look like they fit yay well done.


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Fantastic Sarah, Well done
Well done on your weight loss to Gaynorem

I have just started my 3rd litre of water, had 2 GT's and 1/2 coke zero. Will have my 1st shake about 1/2 1 ish.

Sun is still shining, makes a change for a bank holiday, lets hope the rest of the week end is as nice.

Have a great Afternoon



Im just me!
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Good afternoon all,sounds like your all still doing well,nice to see you clare,bet your shrinking away now x


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S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Thanks all :)

Not many posters about today!


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Not many posters about today!
Hi Sarah,

I know what you mean. I've noticed it's been alot quieter the last few evenings now.
probably loads gone away for the long weekend :) Hope they are being faithful to the diet ;)

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