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**~~ it's saturday. Let's do it hour by hour ~~**


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i couldn't see another one so i thought i'd start it today... :)

how is everyone? today is day four on ss for me and i am feeling rough, ha. am glugging the water and glugging the coffee and trying not to have my first shake until at least 11 as i'm at work until 7pm and don't want to have to have all three shakes before then!!

abz xx
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Morning abz, im trying not to have my shake till 11am too, ive cooked some cornish pasties from scratch this morning and have my birthday cake sat on the kitchen side watching me, im not having either but have guest coming this afternoon so trying to be hospitible.lol.

hope you have a good day at work hun and well done getting to day 4.xx


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oh god. pasties!! ha. i am meeting a friend for coffee in about an hour. so that's good. it's only over the road so if anything happens at work i can run back but hopefully nothing will!! i will have my mobile with me in any case, just on the offchance. sod's law and all that!!

my shake is calling to me... i haven't had a vanilla one for a while... am considering nibbling on the bar instead though... think i'll do that. save the shake for tonight and have my soup mid-afternoon... i'm low on porridge which is the dilemma... ha.

abz xx


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ha. well i'm half way through my orange bar now... i am going to run out of both bars and porridge before i see my cdc again. i know you are supposed to do two weeks of ss before you get bars but of course i've never really stopped... ha. just not continued... 810 was great but i kept wandering a wee bit here and there. i keep ordering less than one bar a day and one porridge a day thinking i'll get bored and want something else. but the fact of the matter is that i like them. so i'm just going to order one a day from now on and forget it, ha.

abz xx
ive got 9 porridge to last me 12 days so im being careful as to when i have them.lol.
Hey Abz its day 4 for me too and I feel 100% better. Im sure you'll be feeling better in the next few days. Keep at it.
Ive already had 2 pints of water and going to have a porridge in sec. Ummmmm


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hi again guys. well i've been out for a coffee with my friend so i only have six hours of work left now. it feels like an age!!

i've only had half a bar in the end. i started eating it really slowly and started to feel quite full and a bit nautious so i've left the rest for a bit later on. i've only had just over half a litre of water so far so i'm glugging my way to the bottom of the bottle now. i have a litre bottle at work. and i've had far too much coffee!! totally buzzing, ha. at least it has stopped me from eating!!


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hey everyone, hope you are all having a good day!!

i've been to play tennis this morning and i won yay! hubby was a bit worse for wear though as he was out last night so i took advantage...hee hee!!

Just about to have my 2nd shake of the day whilst having to endure the smell of garlic mayo burgers n chips that hubby and kids all decided to buy for lunch...aaarrrrgghhh!!

need water and more water!!!



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Hi all, I'm trying really hard not to have my first shake until 4pm. I'm nights tonight and if I have all my shakes before I'll never make it through the night. So far I'm managing okay as I spent the whole morning hunting for my cars log book. But now I'm starting to feel hungry.... I'll have to find something else to do for an hour or so.


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Hi All,

I'm really feeling the cold today - day 6 of SS+ (with milk) for me. Had porridge for breakfast with cinnamon & a strawberry tetra for lunch. Am on my 5th pint of water at the mo.

Struggling a little bit with the willpower as my Mum and my Man were eating at the same time and I came into the lounge & stuck a dvd on!


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oh god i feel ill. one of our servers just went down at work so i've been running around in circles to get it working again. so 90 minutes of dashing around on day four of ss has not treated me well. now that i've finally stopped i feel really really sick. am trying to get the water down now...

abz xx


Doing Slimming World
Go get some fresh air if you can, sounds like you need a breather for a few mins hun xx


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make sure you fit them all in hon :)

well work is manic now. a bit mental too at that :) still... the time is going a little faster now. less than two hours to go until i can go home :D

have had 1.5 litres of water so far, not as much as i would like but should be at least 2.5 by the time i go home and then glugging more this evening :)

have had a bar and a soup. saving final pack for when i get home this evening.

abz xx
Hi all. Im soo happy, I just had toffee and walnut shake and oh my god its soooo yummy and filling. Ive only had a litre of water but Im out clubbing 2nite so will easily down litres of water! oohhh only 3 days to weigh in :)

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