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It's Sunday *******lets Do It Hour By Hour****


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning, Can't believe no has started our daily yet!

Well today is dull grey and windy here....but hayhoe!

I am here to confess my sins :mad: Last night I succummed (sp)?
Hubby came in late from Coventry where he had been to see the footie. Made him a coffee, he said he was peckish so decided to make himself some granary toast!...The Smell just wafted over me! :rolleyes:
There I was in the kitchen sniffing up the aroma of freshly made toast, and drooling...YES drooling...
"like a bite" he said, hold it out towards me.....WELL that was all I needed......Opened wide and in it went, butter and all. :cry:

But here I am again ready to be 100%.....

Any way hope you all have a brill day whatever you do
will be popping a lot me thinks today!:confused:
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ah no worries. today is a new day . i am struggling getting back to ss, but i will succeed. no more toast for you madam .... back on track !!!
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Morning all

Maggie, you have done brilliantly well and at least it was just a bite and not a full on bingefest and I bet it tasted good, we can't be perfect all of the time!

Not much going on here today, on my first litre and a couple of coffees down but not much else to report. Have bought this new funny gadget thing called a facial flex in an attempt to sort my neck out. Looks extremely weird but got some good reviews so in for a penny in for a pound!

Have great Sundays everyone.



Talks too much
hey folks,
lovely day here today in northern ireland, sun is shining. im in an okay mood, all things considering. am off work and uni tomorrow and planning a good long lie in!
HM dont worry about it too much, it was only one bite!
will prob be lurkin a fair bit today as am working until 6.

have a good day everyone xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Georgies...Do let us know how you get on with the flex thingy....interesting.

Delli...I was a huge Bite :0) Can you send some sun this way please..

Sue...Come on girl, back on track for you today...
Morning everyone

Well, i had a tough day yesterday after my Friday night excesses and today i am still feeling more peckish than usual. Funny you should mention bread Maggie because that is what i really really want at the moment! Friday night i had a brown roll and its completely set me off on a major bread craving! Just made boiled egg and soldiers for ds and it was SO hard not to have a few soldiers myself! He's even left one on his plate and its looking at me! I will be strong, I will be strong!

Rainy dull and dreary here so no motivation to go out and about at all - real curl and up watch tv weather!

Not much planned for the day - washing, clearing up, and ds has a birthday party to go to later on.

Hello all!

I'm back after my long break. Feel like an idiot as I'd have been near target if I'd have stuck through it. Emotionally all over the place but I can do it. So... day 2 here we go. Only gained 3lb in nearly 2 months off so not too bad until I think what I'd have done if I stayed! Ah well new start.... please help me!!!


Gone, but who cares huh
hedge even a large bite is much better than a whole slice, so instead of feeling bad feel proud you didnt eat a whole slice,

im off to treat myself to a pair of boots from m&s Leopard Print Mid Heel Ankle Boots - Marks & Spencer= i have never had leopard print anything ever lol, and im quite nervous about getting them in that, and wonder if i will bottle it at the till and buy the faux snakeskin, lol, but the leopard ones look fun and will go with jeans too, and the heel is all i can take as im tall, and get nose bleeds on higher ones lmao, so im braving liverpool as soon as im dressed, and doing some shopping, glug water ladies,


Talks too much
:sigh: today is dragging in. 3 hours done at work, 6 to go! :cry:
have all my work done an hour ago, just sitting waiting for the phone to ring. not exactly mentally stimulating...


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Hey everyone!! Its a cold and dreary morning here but i'm feeling pretty good thismorning. And everyone else is right Maggie at least it was just a bite, even if it was a big one! If i'd have had a bite i probably would have gone through a good few slices before i stopped! lol
Anyway its a new day so onwards and upwards girls (or is that downwards?!).
Afternoon All,

The weathers a bit hit and miss here in ther Midlands.
I have something that might help with the carb cravings - Evening primrose, it's meant to help PMS and the carb cravings you get at that special time. I've not tried it as so far so good, I've not really craved anything. If you do try it, please post how you get on!!!!

Hope you all have a happy positive day

Big hugs


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I have heard of peeps taking Primrose oil for PMS, the only thing is you have to be careful because of the oil...may affect ketosis. Not to sure, someone may come along and let us know. Can you buy them in any other form??

It is tipping it down with rain here now, really a dull miserable day. Manage 1 litre so far and a coke zero. I had my 1st shake early today as I feel really hungry, serves me right after the toast last night.

Hope everyone else is haveing a good afternoon...



Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Hey HM, its still absolutely chucking down here too, actually quite depressing but I'm on sch a high today (after resisting last night) that i don't really care. However if its going to be cold i'd prefer some snow so we can go out and have a snowball fight!
I think i maybe drinking too much water today! Since i was up super early cos my lil devils.....oops i mean angels decided to get up at their normal time i was drinking water from stupid o clock thismorning and once i've finished the glass i've got now i will have had four litres already! OMG! Am i supposed to be drinking this much?? Should i try and cut it down a bit?
Anyway, had my first shake at about 7 and am trying to hold onto my other two for later (as the OH is off on a night shift again) I'll probably have one just after he goes and one a bit later to try and see me through without panicking about food again!
I fell asleep thinking about cheating and actually dreamt that i had done, so woke up in a complete panic wondering whether i actually had or not! Bless my lil cotton socks! ROFL!!

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