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It's sunday lets do it **hour by hour**


please try again
morning all

up and about and had 1/2 a litre of water so far, not hungry yet so will have my packs later

got a mountain of ironing to do today and a bit more cleaning and then will go for a walk round the park with madam

have a good one everyone
Morning :)

Day 4 for me, think I kicked into ketosis last night, feel much better and more positive. Had 1 litre of water and will leave my packs till later.
No idea what I'll be doing today, will just go with the flow :)
Hey all

Still on the wagon - day 2! lol. I did 810 yesterday to break myself in a bit more gently (hopefully!) and SS'ing from today. Still really haoping I can get to under 18stone before my birthday - so 17 days, and I have 10(ish) pounds to lose - fingers crossed some of that is water weight after a bad week.

Feeling good so far. Got a bit of belly ache, but CD does tend up upset my tummy for a few days when I start. Have had a litre of water so far and a couple of cups of tea, and am now sat in front of the tv with my daughter watching Imagination Movers (I find them all strangely attractive!). Might take her up to the beach a bit later for a run around if the weather stays good. Other than that got an exciting day of washing to do for the week ahead!

my life is just sooooo rock and roll...
Its weigh in for me tomorrow as well hedgemag, but a day early. I'll cross my fingers for both of us.

I've tried again with porridge this morning, blimey its sweet. I just can't get it down. Managed about half of it and then i just cant swallow any more. Do you think there is anything I can add just to take the edge off that sweetness?

I'm going to watch my football team later, and hoping for a quiet morning in preparation for a busy week travelling with work.

Hope you all have a good day, keep glugging



Doing Slimming World
Morning All,

I've had water, a cup of tea & a butterscotch shake this morn. Off out with my Man in a bit as he wants to get some oil for the cars!

I'm going to be 100% today - got oily fish & salad for lunch & chicken and broccolli for dinner tonight.

Oh and a 1.5L bottle of water in the fridge of which I'll have some with summer berry water flavouring too. Gonna try for 3L of water again today - I did it yesterday but the weeing is a real nightmare :D
Day 2 of CD and I need a buddy

started yesterday on CD, went to the gym and felt awful afterwards!! Going to take it easy today already had my shake a cup of cofee and prob about 1 1/2 litres of water.
Really need help and support, i am going on holiday a week on Thursday so I am trying to be as good as i can till then.

After the holiday i will be back on it as i want to lose at least 3 stones for christmas!!


please try again
hi cheekidebs

well done on your first day of cambridge and welcome to minimins!

go easy on the excersize for the first 2 weeks while your body adjusts to the low calorie intake then start building it back in
also have a pack just before you go for a boost


This is the last time!!
Well, 2 litres of water down for me so far, and one strawberry tetra. Water is in the fast freeze compartment so that I can enjoy a nice iced mint choc shake for a change.
Really enjoyed my meal out last night, was sensible, myself and another friend shared a starter and then shared a main course too so hopefully it won't have dented the diet too much.
Weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed to be in the 13's.....I wish, I wish, I wish....


please try again
afternoon all

well had my porridge and am now 2 litres of water down, headache is starting to kick in now, paracetamol didnt really do much so will have bruphen in a bit if it gets worse

have scrubbed the bathroom now so will make a dent in the ironing next.
need to nip to tesco's or wee girl and his lordship wont be eating tonight

then i fully intend to take a nice long soak in the tub ( thats now sparkling lol ) while wee one sleeps


This is the last time!!
Something's wrong with my ticker :( Usually I click on it and can change it but it won't click. So I set up a new one (which is identical) and it still won't work :(
Any techno dudes able to help me?
I can never click on my ticker to get it done each time, I have to do a brand new one which is mighty annoying!!

Anyway, I am one shake down, one litre of water and feeling positive. Not letting myself out of the house so that I can get through day one without straying! So far so good. Woke up late, which is why I have only had one shake. Probably will have the next one. Gonna go and work out my next order for when I see my CDC in a week and a half! x
Well now 1 bar, 1 shake and 2 litre's of water/black tea down! Feeling ok but the chills are just starting and my head rather hurts...
i`m drained today, not sure if its cd or working 7 days a weeks catching up with me.
The kids all out today so went back to bed for a few hours, feeling bit better now, so gonna work out my next cd order, it`s so hard decideing what to have for 2 weeks. I have decided no bars or porridge yet, dont feel ready to start "eating" stuff yet.
SO far have had 1litre, 2 cups of coffee. half vanilla shake hot with coffee and half strawberry shake.
Will be having a soup soon.

Good luck with the rest of the day. x
Hi everyone, day 1 of restart for me and pretty awful but still going!!! 1.5 litres water down but its making me feel really sick!!! Good luck everyone for the rest of the day xxx.
forgot to ask why when im doing cambridge do i crave healthy food??? If i was doing any other diet would be craving rubbish food???
Hi Sarah

I have no idea, but I do know that I am the same! If I have an SS+ or 810 day I can't believe how good salad tastes!!! And I have never been a salad fan before. I also absolutely crave chicken and tofu these days...
i crave chicken too... and shredded wheat can you believe??? really random!!

i have managed 2 litres so far.., trying to getanother litre down me before i go out with a few mates for a bit.

managed to avoid the lovely roast dinner my mum and dad cooked... altho my dad was trying to get me to have a dinner. in the end i just hid upstairs. i can say no but dont want to be pressured!!! he means well... but im stronger than that!!!!

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