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Its Sunday !!!!.........


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Morning, Alice here, And Im blinking starving !!
Sat here waiting for OH to cook my breakfast, Then I have to get dressed (still in my jimjams!)
Do a Sunday morning weigh in !!-both of us-just to see mid week weight !.
Then I suppose I will have to go outside in my craft room and do the egg that is needed for the 22 march. Dont really want to do it but yeh yoh - me and my big mouth - maybe one day I will learn !!
Then Im gonna send OH to shop to buy News of the World for Jades story in it - I feel so sorry for her :(
Then we are gonna have spag bol for tea , dunno what else we are gonna be doing - but like every woman it will all change !!!

:hmm::hmm:Where's my breakfast
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Morning. I am off to work again at 1 :( I've had a bath, washed my hair, changed my bed and put a wash on. Had weetabix for breakfast but am still hungry so will have some yoghurt and fruit too I think. Enjoy your day, its lovely and sunny here - trust me to be at work on a nice day.


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Morning ladies.

Ive been up since 4.30am:eek: just couldnt sleep been awake most the night listening to my ds coughing etc, bless him.x

Ive had a bath and washed my hair I need to straighten it but will do that later.

Ive put some chicken breasts and veg in the slow cooker ready for dinner. Just spuds and cauli to do when its time.

I had fatfree yog and fruit for breakfast yummmmmmy.:D

Going to see my mum later and will stay for tea so not sure what we will have to eat.

So thats myvery exciting and thrilling sunday:) If you are still awake after reading that hope you have a lovely day.xxxxxxxxx
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Been up since 5 with my 3yr old who dosen't yet understand the concept of sleep:(. We've had BLT for brekkie and just had a yogurt and pear to fill me before heading out to a funfair in oldham. I've done a pack lunch for us so I won't be tempted :D.


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I've had a nightmare today already.... one of my twins fell and hit his head on the corner of a door and split his head open so spent a couple of hours up A&E this morning :(

Came home, cooked a fried brekkie and now just relaxing

Having a chicken salad for lunch then chicken casserole for dinner tonight

Gail x


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I've had a nightmare today already.... one of my twins fell and hit his head on the corner of a door and split his head open so spent a couple of hours up A&E this morning :(
Kids - don't you just love 'em! We spent 3.5 hours in A&E last SAturday.

I remember sitting in A&E in Basildon hospital years ago when my lad cut his head open on a shelf (bouncing on a bed). It had snowed and my car was iced so we had to call a cab anyway. We got there around 8pm & got away at 4am. Bearing in mind my lad was around 4 at the time, he was seen after a man with conjnctivitis, another one with a slight sprained ankle etc.

Ooooo, have I got the whinges today!

I hope your little 'un isn't feeling too sore x


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Afternoon all. I have been to see to the horse this morning and now cuddling a radiator to warm up! Thought it looked lovely this morning and I wouldnt need a coat - how wrong was I!

Had fruit and yog for brekkie, omelette of some sort for lunch and then making a big pan of chilli for tea with loads of veg - cant wait!

Off to do some housework - have a great day everyone x x x


Trying again!!!
I'm just for relaxing to-day - tho I really should be doing housework! Going to catch up on my emails, have a nosey on Ebay and order my fitness DVD so I won't have any excuses to not exercise! Will be watching Dancing on Ice later on. So far I have had fruit and a pasta salad - I don't have many syns left as I had a real pig-out session last night so taking it easy as tomorrow is my WI. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, mxx

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