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I've been a bit silly...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Went to a party last night and I had a glass of wine, followed by 2 more glasses of wine, a brandy and a tequila slammer :cry:I feel so rough now, woke up with a horrible headache, most likely dehydration which has gone now after drinking nearly 2 litres of water, I feel bloated, sick and have no energy now, how stupid am I!

I did make good choices at the buffet, I had a couple of bits of chicken and a bit of cucumber.

Why oh why I drank I have no idea, it seemed like a good idea at the time but not so now :(

It was a fantastic party though, I was the slimmest person in the room for the first time EVER! The hostess announced my weight loss to everyone in the room when we arrived, very embarrasing but never mind! I danced the night away and had a really good time, the thing is, I do know that I would have had as good a time without the alcohol :(:(:( how stupid am I.

I'm never going to do it again, I have realised also that I don't miss alcohol! This is going to change my life as I don't think I am going to drink like that again ,I am happier to be sober and healthy!
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Hi Hon
Life is all about having a good time and that is exactly what you had.

Don't regret that, celebrate it......you are slim, beautiful and you had a wonderful time. So what....tomorrow is another day..

You are a bit dehydrated. Drink lots of water and smile about how good you felt and what a great time you had.

rosie xx
Well done on making good choices on the buffet side.

Bad girl for the alcohol.

The thing with alocohol is that adults are kind of expected to drink which makes dieting and going out difficult.

I'm the type of person with an alcoholic drink in my hand if i'm at a party/in a pub/at a bbq/on holiday/in the evenings :eek: I have learned no drinking at home but I'm not sure about partys and such as I have kept away. (it doesn't stop at one glass or one bottle either :eek: )

I hope you don't feel as bad now. just keep gluggin the water and you will be fine tomorrow, I don't think you have done much damage either.

Keep going. and stay strong. xxxx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Thanks guys, I've got thru 2 litres of water but feel so bloated now, hopefully that will disappear soon as its very uncomfortable! Planning to drink much more as the day goes on, off to tesco now shopping, should be easy today as I don't feel like eating so wont be hard knowing the food isn't for me lol!

I'm the same as you Miss Soffalott, type of person at a party with a glass of wine in hand! Perhaps not anymore tho...


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