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Ok OK i admit it ...
I've been a pig

Just had chinese....
we shared it though (does that sound better?)

we had
  • 2 bags chips (only used 1)
  • 2 pots of egg fried rice eggs are free
  • 1 pot chefs special vegetables (and god they are special !)I believe these are free
  • 1 pot chicken chow mein
  • bag of sweet'n' sour chicken balls
  • 1 pot sweet'n'sour sauce
  • 1 pot crispy aromatic lamb(OMG its to die for)
I couldnt eat it all thou ;)
we havent had it since i started SW, but i just NEEDED IT god dam it !!
(you understand a girls needs ...dont you??).
If its any concilation - i got indegestion- thought i was having a blooming heart attack LOL:8855::8855:
2 rennies sorted that little blighter out !!

AWW come on , I can hear you all licking your lips.
I'm a bad girl :whoopass:
but loved every bit of it xx
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lol Glad you enjoyed it - just don't go beating yourself up if it shows on your next WI, move on and remember it was blummin' lovely :D


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lol - I'm sure glad I'd had a huge dinner before reading that otherwise I'd have been on the phone to the local takeaway :)


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ooh yummy yummy glad you enjoyed sounds delish