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I've been bad! Off to get my hand slapped..


Size 14 here i come!
I'm making light of it but i really am cross at myself for having made a mess of the whole week. Think i have put about 5-6lbs on over 2 weeks of messing about. this week has been a joke, i was ill but no excuse for the way i have eaten.

I should know better as i hate the way i feel when i go to bed at night and feel rubbish when i wake in the morning, so why do i do it?:(

Well i am off to CDC in an hour and she is NOT going to be happy with me and i don't blame her either. I do know that i need to get my head sorted out as paying for this diet and not dong it properly is ridiculous.

I have stayed away from here as i felt so guilty, silly i know.
I need to keep focused and having that w'end off to go away was fine it was the fact i was ill on top of it so when i got back i continued to eat till i was better, seriously over did it though.

Not much else i can say except hopefully i will feel back on track once i see CDC later and she gives me a pep talk(nicely i hope,lol)

I must stop hiding away too when it goes wrong as that really makes me worse and i just keep it going.
Deep breath and time to face the music i guess......:eek:
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Oh no, I know where you are coming from. I think the closer to goal the harder it gets. I have actually started buying books to see if they can help.
Im sure your CDC will be fine, your only human after all and most of us have done it :)


please try again
i too read alot of books these days and one i found interesting the guy ( who wasnt on a vlcd or any other "diet plan" ) well each day he commits to not eating x, y and z promising the little voice in his head demanding certain things that he will have it tomorrow

have tried that this week and suprisingly for me its worked ( and last week i was panicking and binge eating and gained 4lb ) for surely i can do just one day of abstaining from certain foods
Stinky-dont worry deary

We all have mad moments.... but BEST thing is you are doing something about it :)

Good for you...keep strong you've done SO well!


Size 14 here i come!
Thankyou for the replies ladies,
soooo i went and confessed, didn't have much choice as the scales would have called me a liar anyway. It wasn't as bad as i thought but still not good. I gained 4lbs and put inches back on round my waist and hips.

It didn't help when she told me she had no choc tetras left, in fact i nearly burst into tears,lol, mainly because she has banned me from the bars again! I can't cope with no bars AND no tetras, so i have to go back tomorrow when she will be getting some more delivered.
So tomorrow is the start of a new day and being good, i have to do it, i will only be letting myself down if i don't.
well done for facing it , and 4 lb isnt bad ... could have been much wors eand you will get rid of that really quickly :) you have been ill and your health comes first at the end of the day xx
Bummer about the tetras ... i really want to try the strawberry ones but my CDC doesnt have them as she says no one else has them and if I didnt like them she would have to throw them out ... :(


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks Trisha, i just feel so stupid for letting it go on for so long. Well i was going to start tomorrow but i thought why wait and had a shake for dinner tonight.

Katie i am rubbish.lol I will give it another go but if i keep falling off maybe it's time to give in!? Maybe i need to start thinking about just eating healthy, i just really wanted to lose at least another stone so will give it my best shot.
I know how you feel hun , I have 2 stone left to loose and its harder than the last 5 1/2 by far !!! I was thinking of getting to a stone from goal and joining WW or SW to loose the last bit that way ?? dont just give up .. be pro active and look at a new plan .. you can get that last 14 lb off :)


likes to post
Stinky, what plan are you on? I've struggled for weeks and weeks having good days followed by bad days etc, I find it hard when I get in from work the urge to pick/nibble ect. So I decided to give ss+ a go, I have a shake for breakfast , the 200 meal at lunch at work, and a shake when I get in (usually chocolate) then another one about 9 pm and so far this seems to be working for me. The choc shake when I get in from work, seems to have helped curb my need to pick, and last week I lost 5 lbs :), maybe if you moved up the plans it could help you ie ss+ if you're on ss, or 810 if you are ss+.


Size 14 here i come!
Mrs E and katie the best thing i can do is come on here because i already feel stronger just getting encouragement from you.
Thankyou! x


Size 14 here i come!
Hi trisha sorry i missed your post, i am on ss+ and normally have my meal about tea time as i am normally busy at lunchtimes so a shake suits me better. My CDC doesn't do the 810 plan(don't ask) but i guess if i carry on struggling i could just put myself on it. Thanks for the advice.

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Hey Stinky!

I haven't been on here in a while either, broken laptop baaaad. 4lbs is grand and sure you'll lose it in no time! I had a planned break from fri to mon and I reckon that I've put on at least half a stone :p I'm not gonna get weighed this week though so I won't know exactly how much. It seems counterproductive to depress myself after a savage weekend :D

Back on the diet tomorrow!! Gotta get to goal :)


Size 14 here i come!
Mrs E that's one way of putting it,lol

GF, hey lady i haven't seen you for a while, hope you had a good time away. I took sumayyah's advice and have ordered a couple of books off amazon to help me get my head round healthy eating asap.
Well today should be ok as i am fairly busy and at a conference all day tomorrow (another bloody free lunch, aarrgghhh!!) i will take a brick with me (hopefully i will get some off CDC today) and just hope lunch doesn't smell too nice.
I HAVE to get through this week with no blips otherwise i will have really let myself down. Fingers crossed that we both get back on the wagon!
Bummer about the tetras ... i really want to try the strawberry ones but my CDC doesnt have them as she says no one else has them and if I didnt like them she would have to throw them out ... :(
Your CDC has to stock all the products as its in the code of conduct they have to follow. Perhaps you could say to her 'ohh I thought you had to have everything in stock :rolleyes::rolleyes:' Thats totally unfair to you though and actually thinking about it of course no one else has them, as she doesnt stock them :confused:
Stinky, what plan are you on? I've struggled for weeks and weeks having good days followed by bad days etc, I find it hard when I get in from work the urge to pick/nibble ect.
Trish im the same and moving up the plans I am finding alot easier now to cope. Even having some cucumber to nibble on helps.
Stinky that weight will be off in no time and good for you for going and facing them scales


Size 14 here i come!
Really NOT happy!!
CDC text me at 3.30pm today to say her delivery of choc tetras had arrived. This was far too late for me to be able to go and pick mine up. Because she banned me from having bars this week i now have no products to take with me to an all day conference tomorrow.
I have nothing in to be able to take with me for lunch so i am going to have to pray there is something not too bad on offer at the conference. CDC wanted me to lose 6lbs this week and be back in ketosis by thurs, well ain't gonna happen now!!

I can go pick them up on thurs but she won't be home till after 5pm, again too late for me so i won't get my PAID FOR tetras till sat, that's if she replies to let me know she will be in or not.


Size 14 here i come!
Trust me i have considered it, but the others are so far away. Maybe i should go and look again you never know someone new could have joined.

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