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LOL, that's NOT the purpose of this thread Sona, repent damn you . LMAO
Me too!:mad::sigh::cry: lol
I agree with 100% girlygirl
Lo - Everytime I am tempted to use food to satisfy my frustrated desires, build up my injured ego, or dull my senses, I will remember...................................
That even though I overeat in private, my excess poundage is there for all the world to see.
Well done Lo! xx
oh oppsy.. Can open worms everywhere!!

hehe @ u guys!

i love it!!
come on everyone own up!!
But think of the benefits of it once you're on maint, Look what I had for a snack this morning

Awww..... yumm!! lol
Jim are you being naughty again and teasing us LOL..

I often do what Laura does.. but I also tell myself that I'm not going to let food beat me. I control the food it doesn't control me.. But I do understand.. Ive started baking and cooking low carb sweets and cakes and pies.. .. but I do understand you sometimes want the ones with all the calories and carbs LOL.. but if you can eat 1 or 2 then go for it but if you are going to eat 10 or more then put them out of sight :)
Do you like Pork pie then More? I don't think they have them in the US do they?
Pork pie are good. In the US you can find just about anything and pork pies and mince pies you can find. remember we are close relatives the brits and the americans, even if we don't want to admit it. We got a lot of things from you guys and maybe we altered it a bit.. But here in Italy you can forget it.. no UK products, spain and etc.. if oyu do find them they are so expensive that you have to laugh. a jar of peanut butter is around 6 euros :eek: mince pies for 6 small ones 8 euros :eek: and they aren't the name brand ones at that..
why does eveyone think that everything is bigger in the US :mad:.. actually they are the same size as yours.. I don't like these typical stereotypes..

I will admit we go overboard but not everything has to be big.. my italian friend was under this impression that everyone was all fat and huge everywhere in the US she went to NYC and Miami and was like no one really was huge. I told her yes they exists and of course we are going to be fatter and etc.. we are a continent but you see that more in the south but actually in Miami you dont see too many overweight people it's too hot to be big you sweat it off it's a natural sauna..
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The overweight mark is around that much but like you stated not everyone walking around is morbidly obese like some people have this image in their mind..

LOL @ brit stereotypes... I drink more tea then my british mates and my last name is Holloway LOL well my grandfather was from surrey LOL

I find myself now say YES somewhere in United States it's true but it's not like you are going to see a morbidly obese person every second or it's the norm..

Just to throw in the typical american stereotype.. I don't drink coke and I hate mcdonalds LOL to be honest I'm not really a burger eater
We don't drink warm beer, wear bowler hats, say 'spiffing', drink earl grey tea out of delicate china or live in permanent rainy climates but this is the English/British stereotype and it sticks!
Speak for yourself Laura ;)

Portion sizes were huge in Canada, can't speak for the states myself.
yes they are in canada and I will admit that the portion sizes in the states are huge...that's one reason to contribute to the weight problem in the states..but we all aren't morbidly obese.. Having traveled around europe the brits are so slim themselves and I've seen more and more italian teenagers and adults who are overweight.. the states we are so big and always in the news good or bad, and our lifestyle of work work and monmey money, fastfood and quick easy meals, we will always be the fattest country in the world LOL.. Having lived in Europe and Turkey I don't understand why everyone is fascinated with the states.. I guess being an american born and raised there I dont see anything fascinated.. I'm fascinated with europe, you guys are way more interesting LOL

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