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Ive been hiding in shame ;-(


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Why why why why why why why why why why why why why....and why do i do this to myself ????

I start cd goes great then i **** up ( sorry 2 swear:eek: )... some thing bad happens in my life and i cant cope without the food to make me feel better

Ive spolen to my lovely cdc. im off cd for now why am i such a faliure
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ur not a failure sweety dont think like that! things happen which can effect you but in time u get back on track! im on my 3rd restart eek! n have stuck to it! so it can be done, just take ur time and allow yourself the time to prepare urself again

p.s. ur not a failure :)


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Hello pebble

I have been wondering how you are for a few days, the daily post just isn't the same without you. I was thinking of private messaging you tonight so its good to see your post.

This is my third attempt at CD this summer, I failed on the first two.
I tried lipotrim earlier this year, lost a couple of stones and gave up on it. And I've done Lighterlife as well. I could have a little gang of robots to do my ironing and housework, made out of all the stones and pounds I have lost (but then regained!)

But somehow something clicked and this time I have been able to do CD, but really taking it one day at a time.

Sending you dear wishes x
S: 21st2lb
thanks guys i will be back x


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S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
I remember reading the rules of minimins and quite rightly we are not permitted to ask people to come back or apply any kind of pressure, something I totally agree with. The decision has to come from the individual.
So all I shall say is that I'm pleased to read your most recent post!


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Pebble I know exactly how you feel. I have been where you are too. Like Blingbabe says something clicks. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and in the end had to take hour by hour day by day. The first 10 days I found extremely hard. Now on day 39 I don't want to undo my hard work. Don't beat yourself up and never give up. Come back when you feel you are ready. x
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Feel for you hun, i had a blip last week for a few days and it would have been so easy to give up, and i probably would have done on other diets. Like many have said, often losing weight and keeping it off is more about getting your head in the right place and tackling the underlying eating issues as much as the act of losing weight. I have used food for a million other reasons than nourishment and only i can make that stop, its my choice alone. Maybe just spend a bit of time looking back at posts, and all the reasons you want this. You can do it - when you're ready. We'll all be here for you xx


Can hug her knees :)
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Hunni I'm sure we started roughly the same week roughly, I have honestly messed up one way or another for the first 2 weeks, this week seems to of clicked and today is the longest I have managed to ss 100% I'm sure just like me, you can do it (((hugs))) xx


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Thoughts are with you. Been where you are many times before ..... I too got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and to date it is working this time. Hasn't been plain sailing, more like plod and push! Hope you move forward again soon. Moving forward becomes easier when you can look back at your journey and see the losses. Tx
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Aw Pebbles dont beat yourself up your just like the rest of us human.

I have to say I feel off the wagon last night im gutted but if something goes wrong thats what I do reach for food, but this time I went for a salad instead of chocolate but its still not a shake.

My daughter is being bullied at school and school havent dealt with it well in fact they have been awful so my head is wrecked first thing I did was reach for cig whent he kids had gone to bed, I stopped smoking three years ago and then made hubby ordered tea, him a pizza and me a ceasar salad, so im really cross with myself.

So Pebbles, we will do these things as we go on till we learn to find another way of coping with things but we will get there, when we do these things we need to just have a shake later and carry on and we can do this, especially with all these lovely people supporting us.

Hope you are ok today xx


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You are NOT a failure!!! *hugs*

My colleague delivers training for addicts (drug and alcoholics) and I went to one of his sessions and he was talking about lapse (when you mess up and accept it and continue with your program) and relapse (when you have a blip and then go back into the state you are trying to get away from) and it really identified with me because I know when I mess up, I tend to think "oh well screw it, i may as well give up completely" - and I do. I don't have a lapse of judgment - I relapse totally! This is why diets like WeightWatchers never worked for me - I couldn't have that "one" treat, even though it's allowed, because it would spur me on to have 20! One kit kat makes me feel bad, and then I think, sod it, I've blown it now, I'll have the whole packet, and a multipack of crisps and a tub of ice cream (HAHA). And then I'm in a much worse situation than if I'd just had the one kit kat and gone back on whatever diet I was doing. The trick is to accept that you may fall off the wagon, but to get back on the horse :)

YOU CAN DO IT!! Get back on that horse!!
S: 21st2lb
All your support means so much xx

Im gunna try really hard at loosing weight soon then i can come back and say hey remember me i lost 3 stone and now im back!
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Hey Peebles

Not been here for a while... you are not alone and NOT a failure! I was doing OK weekdays while working but a couple of weekend social events saw me blow it!

I did not believe you could put on 5lbs over a weekend.. I then hated myself, but Monday came around .. always a good day to re-focus and so far I am almost through Saturday.. one glass of red wine being the only slip and as I am on 1,000 not too bad. Hang on in there and get on track when it feel right for you.
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Aw pebbles I have been there so many times and would have lost this weight a few time over if I had only stuck to it. Come back when your heads in the right place ... we will miss you x