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I've been to the gym...

Ha ha! i tink they are meant to be afraid of it its prob like this diet horrible for the first few days then it gets better keep at it and you'll have even more to be proud of.


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hahahah my poor babe :D

I wanted to go to the gym but for some reason I just can't get myself to go.

Don't over do the exercise and drink lots of water.
Rub my aching body, it doesn't work any more :(

Oh I so hope it's like LT Anne-Marie because I've lost the feeling in my arms and legs, and I kind of need them. I need to go. I have to tone and slow this weight loss down a tad or I'll be one big bag of skin with 2 eyes poking out.

Jesi the reason you don't go is because you are wise. You know it represents everything that is evil. I applaud your intelligence. I'm only toning and vibroing, no cardio. The vibroing is the worse! She has you in all sorts of positions. Kind of like the karma sutra for the vibro plate. I thought she would just let me stand on it and wobble!
god woman!!
don't you have enough to do with all that running around at home?
good for you though.
i cannot face the gym at all.
still not been on my vibro.naughty!

did manage to get on my thigh trainer and also got on my gravity walker albeit for 10 mins but better than nothing.

is there a massive difference on the gym vibro to ours?
i'd not been on one before so had nothing to compare with.
Taff, I need to tone this mess and try and slow the process down a tad. God I sound so ungrateful! LT is making me vain! Tut tut at no vibro, but yeah at thigh buster and gravity walker! 10 minutes is enough!

The difference is huge! I can't even talk on it as I sound like an alien. Even my teeth were shaking. You should try a gym/salon one, you'll notice the difference straight away. Saying that I much prefer ours. It's kinder and more lovely.

To top everything off I had my hair cut earlier and have just been told I look like Lady bleeding Gaga. Can my day get any worse.
lady gaga eh?nice lol x
where's the pic?

might have to get a more fierce vibro then.
can't be going to the gym.it has people there lol x
Aww sorry Vanda! I'm usually all cheery, happy and positive.

Your energy will come once the big K kicks in. You'll be bouncing off the walls, cleaning house and running around trying to organise everyone.

Enjoy your lie down!
Nice! You've got to be kidding me! She's a little harsh looking! Pics will not be forthcoming, as you'll only point and laugh. Oh and I also look like a rhino (face mask before bed, woke up the hugest spot in the entire world on the end of nose)

Hahaha yeah I try not to look the people in the eye, then I can pretend I'm not really there.
omg the vision i have of you is lovely lol x
a rhino with lady gaga hair wobbling away on the vibro.
i wouldn't have looked anyone in the eye either pmsl x
Hahahaha! P O you cheeky moo moo head!

I was just going to post a pic, I'm not now after that cheek! God, and here's me always being nice to you! :p

*wears ugly poker face*
ya know i luvs ya really lol x

seriously though i don't know where you get your energy.
i'm seriously lacking any this week for some reason.maybe its just the stress i had.

p.s i bet your hair looks lovely x
LOL. Maybe go every other day instead, you are doing a pretty intense diet already & topping it off with a hell of a lot of exercise from the sound of things! She understands you're on TFR, right?

Good on you though! Shows great determination!

I knows ya do. Lubs you too :hug99:

You've had a tough old week, next week will be completely different you'll see. Your frame of mind is all happy now and full of colour charts, wallpaper and everything interior design. You'll be vibroing, striding and busting like a maniac.
Yeah Hannah, she's MEANT to be a friend of mine, so she knows. I'm going to do the toning on the machines one day, and the vibro the next. I am not going to go at the weekends. Going to try to do nothing at the weekends. It's so hard for me to sit and do nothing, I get bored so easily. I always have to be doing something or annoying someone.

Thank you Hannah.
Fight on through the pain barrier hun!

You will get there and MAYBE even like it?!

Haha! I find it a necessary evil but saying that I've made excuses for the last week or so *eek*

Lucy!! Welcome back! Missed ya baby!

The pain barrier is broken, it no longer exists, I'm a shattered mess.

And 'im indoors has this sexy look in his eyes and that can only mean one thing, and I haven't even got the energy to brush my teeth.

How have you been? Was nearly texting you until I read your forum message.


I have missed you my crazy pal!!

'im indoors! love it!!! haha! Saturday night can only mean one thing lady- LOVIN' time!!!

Pull the 'headache' trick...or alternatively say you'd like to try something 'new'...tie him up in the living room and then go and get your head down for a few hours kip!!




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heyyyyy you peopleeee what's with all the loving??? and noone calls me?????? geeeeesss

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