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Ive cheated

and im annoyed at myself, but i left myself vunerable by not having my first shake till 12.00!!! i didnt eat a horrendous amount - just a few nibbles of chicken breast and a chicken dipper. I know it will knock me out of ketosis becayse the dippr had batter on it. Feel a prat, but didnt want to keep it to myself.

So heres to 2 days back in ketosis

Must glug water and drink shakes at certain times because i left myself open today by being sodamn hungry.
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Aww!!! Well, don't look back.. look into the future and go for it again! :) It's no use dwelling on this and feeling totally miserable. Get back on the horse and stick with it, you can do it!!!


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I wouldn't worry about it now hun. Just get the water down & jump back on the CD train. You'll probably be back in ketosis by tomorrow. xx


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oh sweetheart, atleast you've already brushed yourself up and started all over again before the binge went any further, well done on that, you will soon be back on ketosis, take care and remember not to leave it too late having your brekkie, I normally have mine btwn 9-10 am, then for lunch around 3pm and tea around 8 ish, I think my boby has adjusted to that and I start getting a bit peckish nearish those times and I know it's time for a shake, you'll be fine!
Oh dear - it's so hard, but you can get back into it. Just don't feel guilty as it won't help. Good luck with getting back in ketosis hun x


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hey well done for admitting your cheat and the sense to put it behind you. A few cheats now and again is to be expected xx


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Draw a line under it hun and keep going.....and the chicken dipper might not have had high enough carbs to knock you out of ketosis...but remember the awful feeling of the thought of being out of ketosis and hold on to that x
Im so annoyed becuase im one to moan at others about it - little miss hypocrite here - but it was a few tiny nibbles, not a binge so I doubt i will put on from that!

I hope to have a few keytones tomorrow, im not doing it again! Thanks ladies!


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me too! but getting back on track now
Yay bleedingheck we can get back on the wagon together!

Im glugging water as we speak, not hungry but want to be full so i dont even contemplate eating!!!!


Leahs Lightweights
S: 13st1lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 2st8lb(19.67%)
i went on the wii fit earlier so hopefully that will cancel some of it out!! am going to get some more water!!
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dont knock yourself out over it these things are here to try us - stay focused and all will resolve itself in time x

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