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I've done it - three stone in one year!!!

I am so happy. Just had my weigh in and lost 1 1/2 lb which gives me a total loss of 3st 1lb. I started SW one year ago and I was really hoping for a loss this week to get me over the 3 stone loss and I've done it.

My target weight is finally getting close now, only 11lb to go. I'm still as committed as ever to SW and after a year I'm still excited by all the different recipes I can try.

Just over a year ago I was really miserable about my weight and almost resigned to getting fatter and fatter as nothing worked. I'm so glad I discovered SW through my friend and now it's changed my life.

Hopefully in just a few months I will be a target member although I'm already thoroughly enjoying the benefits of a new, slimmer and very much healthier me.
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Well done, that's excellent! judging by your chart you look like you've had a fairly steady journey, how did you get through any struggles you (may have) had?


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WELL DONE!!! that's amazing! you superstar!!! 3 stone is just fabulous! you should be REALLY proud of yourself!
Thanks peachy7. I've found SW very easy to stick to as I enjoy it so much. I've had a few gains but they were mostly due to holidays away or Christmas and I've normally lost those gains quite quickly. I don't go completely off plan on holiday but try to make sensible choices where I can but otherwise enjoy myself.

I've had a slow loss, averaging out to less than a pound a week, but it's still all added up to 3 stone in one year and has made a huge difference to how I look and feel. At times I have got a bit fed up when things have really slowed down but I've never been tempted to fall off the wagon because I have faith that if I stick to it, things will start moving again.

I've mostly done a mix of extra easy and red days. Much as I love EE I find that red days boost my weight loss. I've just had three red days and I'm sure they have helped my get my 1 1/2 lb loss this week. I love carbs but I definitely think they slow down my weight loss.

One of my motivators has been the ability to save some syns for the weekend so that I can have a good drink. Almost every week I have 20 to 30 syns of alcohol on a Saturday night. It's so great that I can do this and still lose weight.
Thats terrific.

I have found that SW works well too - I started on Jan 4th this year, and did the thing where you pay for 12 weeks all at once. I now have 2 weeks left, and if i lose 5 pounds in total in those 2 weeks, i will have lost 3 stone. I cant believe how easy it has been !!!

well done . xx


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Many congratulations Teresa!!
Fantastic! Well done Teresa xxx


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That's really great Teresa!! You are clearly sooo chuffed, and rightly so!! Those last 11lb will go soon enough and I really love your attitude! SW is obviously a way of life for you now and because you love it so much you're bound to keep it off!! I feel the same about SW! I want to shout it from the rooftops how brilliant it is! I never imagined I'd be almost half way to my target by now (which I will be in 3lb time!!) but somehow I got here and like you I'm confident that I'll do it!!XXX


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Well done Teresa, that is fantastic!! :D

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