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I've done it!


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welcome along Janey. I'm just doing WW at home with the books. Good luck!


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Thanks so much! :)

I'm going out to dinner tomorrow night to Prezzo with friends which was organised several weeks ago before deciding to join WW. I cannot find online any points values for Prezzo and haven't a clue what to have tomorrow night. My first stumbling block 24 hours in. Any suggestions?

Thanks! Janey
hello and welcome!

erm ive never heard of prezzo sorry :( so not much help there but i would say order something healthy if possible and hopefully it will be in your points x


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Prezzo is an Italian chain in most cities, a bit like Pizza Express. Sadly Pizza Express is on the WW website but not Prezzo. If, say, I ordered a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce ... what would that roughly be?

So sorry, I'm new to this and it is complicated!!



Lovin it !!! :)
Pasta is alot of points for not alot of pasta

maybe be better with ceasar salad or something like that maybe ?

or a chicken type dish - tomato sauce is always the best option though


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Hi thanks for replying. I'm vegetarian so a bit limited. I tried to find out olives on the website but it says "per portion". I have no idea what a portion of olives is! I am sure the book must be better than the website. I wish they would say "one olive =". I know I'll get the hang of it - a shame I am going out for a meal the day after I join - it's going to take me a while to get my head around this!!

well zizzis pasta pomodoro is 8 points i believe, and frankie and bennies do penne arrabiatta which is 8, and bella italia's pomodoro is 7.. so if you're going for something like arrabiatta or pomodoro, i would easy say 8 is a safe guess - theyre decent portion sizes for the points too :)

enjoy your night anyway.. and if you're drinking, smirnoff vodka / malibu work out that you can have 2 single measures for 1.5 points so if you have with diet coke, you're sorted - 2 of those and your pasta and if you drink a lot then worth asking for water at your table then you can fill yourself up faster without the points :) x


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Oh that's so helpful thank you! I don't drink alcohol at all, only sparkling water when I go out, so that with say a penne arrabiata and a plain green salad I'll count as 8. Oh goodie, that sounds like a plan to me!! :D:D:D

I really appreciate your help.

no problem :) if you want any eating out help, theres an unofficial guide here which has a few more values than the actual WW one:

ukladyluck1 x :)
i know thats true for black in brine, but not sure if its the same for ones in restaurants Jane? x
Welcome!! Hope your alright and enjoying day two!! :) It is a great site and everyone is always happy to help if you have an questions or problems, good luck :)

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