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I've done the maths and it's not pretty...


I know I can do it..
Hi all,

Well tonight, I was wondering what weight I need and want to get down to. If I was speaking now, I'd say a nice healthy size 16 or something but... in reality that's not healthy.

I've worked out I need to be 11st to have a bmi of 24.9 which is the top end of the scale.

It's quite a daunting thought but I need to lose a further 10st and 9lbs! Oh My God!

Such a long way to go, but i'm glad i've added the ticker to show how far i've got to go.

I know i'm looking at the best part of a year to accomplish this, has anyone else got this mammoth task? Or... has anyone already accomplished this and would like to add a few tips and help for me along the way.

Thanks xx
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Firstly well done deciding to lose weight. It can seem daunting with so much to lose, I can sympathise, My start target just over 11 stone to lose and my god it seemed like miles away but the beauty of this diet is that you see results so fast so you keep interested. Youve got to start somewhere that was my view and in all honesty didnt in my wildest dreams expect to lose 5 stone never mind 11 yet now its just a matter of time.
Stick in there and dont worry about the weeks when you dont lose so well, you will make up for those. Believe it or not once you are in the frame and it feels like normal life(was about 6 weeks for me) time flys and before you know it days become weeks become months become half a year. I know I shouldnt wish time away but this is a bit of my life i'm happy is flying.
Good luck, you are in the right place. :)
Aw, honey, we've all been where you are right now. I don't know a single person who hasn't thought that it will take ages to lose weight... and it is harder for us bigger girls. We just have more weight to shift, and all that talk about 2 lbs a week can make you despair when you have so much to lose.

You'll lose it faster than you think on CD. And you'll get the bonus of being able to step up and down as it suits you. On the diet I was on before, you only had one way to do the diet, then maintenance.

Look, if you'd have told me four months ago that I'd have lost 6 stone, and be roughly halfway to my diet goal, I'd have had you sectioned. You'll get there, and you'll have tons of support while you're on your way.

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Staying on plan!
i second what Grrlscout has to say......
never thought that 6 months would find me this close to "ideal" weight.......


Gold Member
oh honey. you are doing fantastically and you will get there. don't think about the overall picture. it's scary. think about how much you have achieved and how to achieve your next mini goal. before you know it those goals really do add up and you'll suddenly realise how much you are achieving. keep it up chuck!!

abz xx


I know I can do it..
Thanks everyone...

You're all such an inspiration. You're right about it being a way of life badger, and i'm really hoping this part of my life will fly by too.

Losing all that weight in 6 months for all of you is just amazing, and 6 months isn't long at all. I am more than prepared to stick it out that long and hopefully i'll be in the same boat as all of you.

I have to say tho, if it wasn't for people like yourselves on this site, this diet would be so so much harder, and I thank you.


now got pictures in album
I know it's really hard at first, but believe me, just take it in small stages, I started this journey wanting to lose 13 stone and this is my ultimate goal is to get down to 10 stone 4lbs, but I've taken it stone by stone, and now I've only got 7 stone to lose! You will lose that weight in no time, dont worry about the figures just make sure you stick to the diet 100% and the weight will fall off.
Hi hun,

What you need to remember as well, is that you won't feel like you do now, in a month you will look different and by the end of the next month you will look totally different again. That is the real beauty of this diet, you start to feel better and better about yourself as the dress sizes drop away.

Set loads of mini goals and all of a sudden you won't want to risk not getting that 3-5 lb weekly loss, in a weird way you start to enjoy it. After 4-6 weeks like badger said it will be normal to you and you won't feel deprived as you will be a dress size smaller and well on your way to a slimmer healthier you.

You can do it, and Cambridge will change your life. It's an amazing journey try and enjoy it.

Hi hun,

What you need to remember as well, is that you won't feel like you do now, in a month you will look different and by the end of the next month you will look totally different again. That is the real beauty of this diet, you start to feel better and better about yourself as the dress sizes drop away.

This is so true, after 3 months I felt great, you sacrifice eating for good health and will feel much better about yourself. Its like paying off a debt or spending all the money on something nice. The something nice is nice for the minute but you will be much better off paying the debt. :)
Hi Tracey, I loved reading this thread... all the great advice and support is amazing.. So many people have already done what we are aiming to do!!!

I have nothing to add only after 12 weeks I am still in the zone and have gone from a size 24/26 to a size 18.. :) << me smiling
Hi Tracey,

I have lost 9 and a half stone in almost 10 months and never ever would have believed that I could. I still have about 4 stone to go, but I find the best way is to just take it one day at a time.

If I had thought 'oh god, a year without food!' I think I would have gone on a massive binge :rolleyes: but if you just concentrate each day on getting through that day then the next day you can start all over again. It seems somewhat like less pressure that way..

And update your before and after pictures often, it's sooooo motivating!!

Good luck
Dee xx


I know I can do it..
I agree with you totally Sarah, this thread has been great to read, thank you. I know it can be done and you're all proof of that.

Taking it one day at a time is deffo the way to go.

I've got my 4th weigh in tomorrow and I'm really pleased after a month, i'm setting my goals small enough so they're not too out of reach...

Thanks everyone, it's really really inspiring!

Well done to you alllllllllllllllllll
tiny bit of advice an old chinese proverb says
"How do you eat an elephant? - One bite at a time!"

The same is true of weightloss - if you look at it as one whole amount - like the elephant on the plate - it would be err.. daunting to say the least - but by setting smaller targets - a stone at a time maybe - taking it a bite at a time, it is more manageable = still big but less daunting.

Sorry if that is a bit rambly but its the way I did it (I did only lose 108lb and 80 of those were on ww - so not a stone a month ;) )

Maybe set yourself some achieveable targets - aim for those rather than the final hurdle!!
Hi Tracey,

I am in the same boat, 10 stone to loose and am taking it one day at a time. It is scary having so much to loose but the inspiration on the forums is amazing and encourages me so much and this is only day 6 already and that has flown by. Hang in there.


I know I can do it..

I'm feeling ok today hun, so far i've lost 24lbs and i'm on my 5th week so i feel really positive.

Lillypop, you have done amazingly well :D Really inspiration hun, well done.

I'm setting mini goals for myself, and I think it's well achievable and as the weeks go on, it's true what other people have said.. it does get easier and it does seem a way of life. So, i'm constantly thinking of the future 'for when i'm smaller' and really looking forward to it.. thanks ;)

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