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ive eaten ohhhnoooo

i was feeling soo down today so i eat chicken. and a chocolate and 2 shakes,, i felt soo bad after but ive been on this 4 1 wk and lost 4lbs. i thought id lose more.:cry::cry::cry::cry:

(3shakes and lots of food when im supposed to have only 200cal meal)

everyday ive said to myself that i will start ssing plus but buy the end of the day im stuffing myself. WHAT CAN I DO I TRY and try but its not working how do u all do it.
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hellooo anybody
Put it behind you!!!!! Everybody has blips, we are not superhuman. Its a tough diet but Im sure you can do it. Dont beat yourself up!!!
the thing is ive really cheated everyday and then said il start again tommorow thats been going on 4 the whole 7days.
Forgot to add this.......

Why dont you give your CDC a call? Set little goals, get tHrough half a day at a time and read all the inspiratonal stories on here. Then next week, ADD YOURS!!! ;)
yeah il do that.my cc has said to eat a 200cal meal and shakes but i think i need to start again a step higher.

i bought ketostix and they r still really light pink even though ie been eating proper food, dont really understand that
im hoping im in ketosis tomorrow....not tested it yet.
:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: so does that mean u can be in ketosis even though the way ive been eating
Errrmmm?? Not sure? Anybody out there can help??


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Hi darl,

I'm doing another diet and know the feeling of how hard it is to get in the zone and keep going. Remember you hate feeling this way and you have made this decision to change.

Sometimes before I start a diet I try doing it 70 % or more for about a week. So I try to follow the plan but still eating more than allowed only the extra food comes from the foods that are on the plan, big portion sizes and an extra snack. Never anything like alcohol or bread of chocolate.

Then after a week I find I can manange sticking to the program. I do however get caught with having a dinner out, like tonight but will have fish and salad. Or the ocassional temptation, usually a biscuit, but I do try to have a piece of fruit not on the list or extra crackers when I feel like giving in..

Hang in there you are only human and just ease yourself into it and don't put so much pressure on yourself, you are going to get there.

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So, you say you have been cheating on ss+ for the last 7 days?
If that correct, I'd be thrilled to have lost 4lb!!!!


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I agree with Bren you have to keep reminding yourself why you are doing the diet in the first place.

I just keep telling myself I'm in control and not the food, like last night I really had a food pang so when it wouldn't go away I went upstairs with my laptop and chilled out for an hour. By the time I come down the food craving had gone and I managed to get to bedtime without eating.

I also think that we all sometime want this to be a short term fix where we wake up one morning thin - which will happen but it takes time. It took years to get like this but it will only take you months to get it off.

4lbs is great just wipe the slate clean and start a new day :)

Hi Lose-lotts
Hope you are feeling better today? Im watching yooouuuu!!! So be good!!

yeah started again today.so far so good. i think with all ur lots help i will do it. thanks alot.:thankyou:
Thats good,keep it up. Seems like you are wanting to lose similar amount to me. I may need help next week, my birthday on Friday and big get together planned. Was organised weeks ago so can't really get out of it. Im hoping to keep away from alcohol and choose wisely. We shall see!!!!


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Out it behind you and start again.

If hunger is causing you problems, split your packs into 2 sp you could, if you wanted, have 6 smaller meals a day instead of just 3. This really helped me a the start.

You can do it!


Me on the right! x
Hey lose-lotts, I know exactly how you feel! I struggled too, and it's so hard to break the cheating cycle!!
I'm in week 4 and only lost 11lbs (which is great but not as good as it can be on CD) I've told my CDC that if I can't be 100% good from yesterday until my next weigh-in on Wednesday I'm going to give up CD as I can't afford to keep buying the tetra's and cheating.
Since then I've been soo determined, it's only day 2 but I guess if I can do 2 days, then I can do 3 days and so on....... just take 1 day at a time, thats all I can do as I'm the world's worst cheat!! :)
Good luck with day 1 no cheats! Hope day 2 and 3 is just as good for you... the weekends are the worst for me, but I'm not going to cheat this weekend!! (Honest!!) xx


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I find the evening is also my worst time. I tend to eat out of bordum. Why not go out for a walk at around 8pm for an hour then drink loads of water when you get back that should stop you picking at food. Maybe the fact your allowed 200cals a day is causing the problem im on ss so only allowed my three CD packs a day, its really strict but works really well.
u can do it lose-lotts x

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