I've found you all!

Emmie Lou

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Hello everyone,

I've had a planned break for the summer from Cambridge, I used to visit the DH site ( usually as a lurker- dont often have the bottle to post) anyway when i went back it was all different, most people i recognised had gone! :confused: Not nice!

But dont worry, I tracked you all down, :) you all have cool tracker things, and all sound on track so I hope to find the support here as i did before on the other site!

:) Emma
Hi Emma, Im the same as you and been off cambridge since end June but having put 2 :mad: stone back on Im where all the regulars are Im sure we will be fine!!! I to wont be using D H site anymore so hope to speak to everyone soon via minimins fab site!! Sarahxx.:)
Hi Thank you all for replying,
Irene- Yes i'm back on Cambridge im on day 4 with my partner.

I've had an up and down time of it really, like many others- I started on LL changed to CD, moved house, had the summer off (planned but stupid) then came the illness and antibiotics, and now here i am!

New start!

Ps how do i get a tracker?
Hi Emma, you'll get all the support you need on here, everyone's fabulous!!

I've been doing CD for 5 weeks now and I love it on here. Everyone's soooo nice and there is always someone to help and answer questions!

Good luck, you can do it!

Hi There
Good luck for your weight~loss journey ((hugs))
Im on LL day 12 please keep posting as it helps lots
Hi all, thanks for the replies.

Day 5 now for myself and my partner, almost had a major cave in and ordered pizza last night!
I was really hungry and totally fed up, and Mark was starving but we held out and feel great for it today!

Looking forward to our weigh ins on Wed eve now!