ive got an appointment tonight...


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is gonna do it!!
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Ive been on this diet before and lost quite a bit of weight.
Due to different reasons, I put it back on, but I think it depends on how motivated you are anyway.
As Ive never had the councilling side of things, I dont know what difference it makes, but there are a few girls on here who have switched from LL to CD as its the same kind of diet. Im not sure but I think u get more flavour options with CD.
Good Luck !!


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hi Rainbow27, good luck with your appt tonight. I have never had the counselling anyway so i don't know what it would be like, but i find a 15-20 min chat with my counsellor every week really useful and enough for me. Also rading lots of motivational and insprirational posts on here useful too for how i will prepare for my maintenance stage.


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good luck with your appointment my cdc is great have a chat about the week etc, solve any issues good luck x


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Good luck on your appt tonight. Personally speaking I think it depends on what your counsellor is like. My first one with CD was really horrid if I had a bad week, and when I got into a routine of 4lb a week told me I must be cheating and I shouldn't bother doing the diet. My second was lovely, but I needed a bit more to keep me motivated.
I've just started w8 which I find a great in between diet. The self help materials really help, and I'm using them properly, but it is cheaper than LL and doesn't have the group sessions which I would detest.

At the end of the day, go with what suits you. If you think you can build a good rapport with your CDC then go for it.

Good luck :)


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The first time I did CD, I had switched across from LL. I had a brilliant counsellor who gave me more support than the LLC. Found the LL counselling sessions didn't help me at all, although I know plenty of ppl who found them useful. Switching across saved me 50% (altho prices have changed now and are a little higher due to inflation etc) and I get 1-to-1 support when I need it, on my terms, which I am very grateful for. I can be in and out if I want, or I can stop and chat if there's something troubling me!



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thanks for all your replies.. will let you know how i get on x


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Like everyone says it depends what your cdc is like.... Also, what do you need the extra coucelling for whe you have a whole forum of amazingly supportive people who can give you friendship, advice and encouragement?

Though saying that I have nooo idea what LLC sessions are like, so maybe its something completely different!