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I've got some questions - new to LL

Hi Gingette

Re your first question, I just had to wait until there was enough people to start a new group (my LLC said minimum would be 7, max 12). I guess depends on where you live may depend on how long before there are enough new people ready to start - I had to wait about 3 weeks after my intial discussion with the LLC I think.

Re the packs, for the first week the LLC just gave us a selection, but we had a drop-in session half way through the week, so anything we'd tried and not liked we cold swap for somethig we preferred.

From then on you choose your own packs.

Hope that helps, and welcome, and good luck! :)


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I had to wait 10 weeks to start!!!! With it being November and people not really wanting to loose weight I had to wait until her current group had finished. Which was good for me as I didn't want to be doing LL over xmas, so my start date was 13th Jan.

We chose our own packs in the first week so it was up to you what you had. I personally got one of each flavour to see which ones I liked. You can't have bars until after your first week tho, but they are worth the wait.

Good luck on your journey x x
Thank you both!! :)

Can't wait to find out when it will begin, although being honest a little bit nervous too. Hopefully it won't be too long!!


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Hey Gingette - LL is fantastic and once you get started you will never look back. We could choose our packs from week 1 and most people took a selection and then popped back to change the ones we didn't like. I didn't have to wait long to start - 10 days - but once I had decided that this was what I wanted to do, I wanted to get started straight away! Keep coming on the boards for support xx
I'm so impressed by all your weight loses!! Well done girls!!!

I met my LLC tonight and she was really nice and supportive so assuming i can get an appointment with my Doc i WILL be starting next Wednesday.

I am looking forward to it and will be on here a lot i think to both be inspired by you all and for all my silly questions.

Farewell fat girl!!


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Good luck with it all and glad, as will you be, that you've joined the gang.

Might be worth starting a May Starters thread. (Can't believe we're almost in May!!! )
It's great that you get to start so soon! This site has proved invaluable as there is so much support and so many great people that are either going through or have been through exactly what you are!

Good luck on your journey to the 'new' you!

Thanks - I think a May thread may be the way forward!

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