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  1. louise_eire

    louise_eire Member

    Hi all.

    I've had enough. I'm so angry with myself. How am I so weak willed and stupid. I've spoken to my g.p. about getting antidepressants but she said she is wary of giving them to me. That I should go back to sw/ww classes. I'm 20yrs trying to lose weight. And I'm only 30. Have steadily gained weight. In my teens a size 16. Year on year have worked my way up to a size 24. Now that's getting too tight.

    I've tried everything.....slimmingworld, weight watchers, lipo trim, lighterlife, calorie counting, 5/2 diet, atkins. I ruin every diet I've ever tried. Lost weight for 2/3 weeks then just "give up" and binge for weeks after.

    I wouldn't harm myself. I'd never do that to my family. But sometimes I think I'd be better off just sitting in the corner of a room for the rest of my days.

    Sorry for the huge rant...need to vent. Just getting it out there might help even if no one else answers

    Lou x
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  3. claireb10

    claireb10 Full Member

    Hi Louise, didn't want to read and run. I think you are putting too much pressure on yourself right now and feeling down won't help your commitment to a diet.

    Could you not just start gradually cutting down portions and perhaps take a walk every other day and before you know it your weight will start to come down with just little changes each day?

    Hope this helps and I'm here if you need to chat.

    Claire x
  4. scoobydoo2009

    scoobydoo2009 Full Member

    louise i feel for you maybe accept your not going to be a size 10,and lower your goals and dont put yourself under too much pressure maybe just eat healthy 3 meals a day and try to include salad and fruit into those and maybe a walk daily just an hour i know its easy for me to type advise good luck xx
  5. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    I've done this so so so so many times I know exactly how you feel xx
    I have to get myself into the right frame of mind - not as easy as it sounds instead if thinking no I shouldn't have that I shouldn't have this or maybe just a little bit I have to say no I don't want that it's not that nice anyway - it works it's so simple but it does work. Try walking a little but at a time and think of it as a way if life not a change just the way you do things now. I was a size 26 at 14 years old and I just couldn't shift it or - I would but then think Urgh stuff it. Or just eat something then it would be allllll out of the window - so I got myself in the right frame of mind and tried slim fast as I knew with me it was all or nothing it worked and I got down to a smaller size and by 17 was a size 12 - now through kids I'm a 18 but I will get there again you just need to believe in yourself you can do this my favourite thing to say

    "The only thing holding me back is me"
  6. Deity

    Deity Member

    Antidepressants aren't the answer (speaking from experience). They bring on major headaches, turn you into zombie mode and effect you sexually, avoid them.

    I am currently doing slimming world, i've only been on it a week but it seems to be working as i've lost 4lb. Can't believe that it actually works since i feel like i am eating more now than i ever did haha.

    If you like i could send you the sort of things that i'm eating on a daily basis, thing that take no effort on your end at all, nice and easy, the way i like it ;)
  7. louise_eire

    louise_eire Member

    Thanks Deity I would love that. As everyone's saying. I need to stop putting pressure on myself. I may never be a 10. But a 14-16 would be liveable. Think I should go back to slimmingworld. Its worked for me. It's just I give up after a few weeks. Need to get some sort of thing or saying in my head that will keep me going past the "give up" mark

    Lou x

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  8. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    That's a rather sweeping generalisation,
    don't you think??? Antidepressants help millions of people around the world, myself included, live better lives, and can quite literally be life-saving. I think it's very irresponsible to be handing out that sort of advice when you've no idea what someone's circumstances are, and possibly turning them away from something that could potentially improve their life no end.
  9. Deity

    Deity Member

    If they help you then that's great. I am just letting her know my experience of them and it wasn't worth it. The list of side effects from them are endless and I believe that there is no better cure from depression than getting your confidence and motivation back. I didn't mean to offend anyone by my post, I just wanted to let her know that they are not a quick fix and sometimes do more damage than good.
  10. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Hi Louise!

    Have you checked out the part of the forum for those of us with a lot to lose? It's under Slimming Clubs and is called WEMITTS. It's really supportive. :) xx
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  11. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Oops, duplicate post, lol.
  12. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Fair enough, but saying "avoid them" is rather clear cut advice, lol. Sometimes you can't just improve your confidence and motivation (ie. "pull yourself together") without a bit of chemical assistance - there's lots of different types, and whilst there's always the potential for side effects with any drug, they're by no means universal. But I wouldn't presume to say that's the answer in this case, it's for a medical professional to determine. :)
  13. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    This rings very familiar, I was a 16-20 through my teens, 14-16 at 18 years old then went to uni and ballooned to 24/26. Currently a 20.

    I was fed up with going to the doctors and them telling me I needed to lose weight but never telling me how. I knew for me it was psychological, I'm a huge emotional/comfort eater, a vicious cycle to be in. So I used the ideas they tell you when you quit smoking. I identified my triggers, times of days, a night out coming up (anxiety problem) seasons of the year, and then it's just figuring out what worked for me in those times. For example I eat at night when I'm tired, I could go all day without eating but when I get home from work I could eat the house, so I try and plan an activity like paint my nails or doing my hair in a different style, having a pamper session, taking 5 minutes for yourself is a must, just to do something for yourself everyday, it really helps build self esteem and confidence in yourself.

    I hope you figure out what's best for you, and believe in yourself that you can do it no matter how many times you try you'll get there. You are not weak willed and stupid, it just wasn't your time, and now it is. This websites fantastic for support! Good luck and I'd love to follow your success story! So let me know if you start a diary or anything :) sorry I rambled! :p

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