I've just failed!


I've been doing CD now for 4 weeks & lost 22lbs, which i am so chuffed with even tho got tons more to lose, i'm in it for the long haul, except...
I can't beleive i've just sat & had pizza :( i feel ill & so f*cked off with myself, yes it was nice but now i just wanna go make myself sick!
I was so impressed with myself for sticking with something this long & i've gone & ruined it!
Why oh WHy oh Why?????
Will this knock me out of ketosis? If yes will it take me long to get back in?
Off for a ciggy now at least i can't eat that!:rolleyes:
Lorraine x
p.s sorry to my CDC if shes reading this, feel i've failed you too!
You've done really really well!!! Be proud of your acheivements... Don't beat yourself up over one slip up!

The important thing is to remember how u felt after you ate it... and use that feeling to make sure it doesn't happen again!

22lbs!!! Wow! You're over 1/3 of your journey to your target!!! Use that to spur you on and get back on track!!

Good luck!!

You have lost so much so far and done really well. As you will see from past posts, loads of people have these moments and they just get back on track and still lose. At the end of the day, one pizza is not going to put 22lbs back on!! I think it may kick you out of ketosis as it is 'carby' but you can just get back into it again like you did a month ago!! Are you doing add a meal on week 5 as you will be able to eat a bit now and that might prepare you well for another four weeks of sole source? Don't worry, you are doing so well (I have lost 23lbs in 6 weeks grr). With the support of people on this forum and your CDC, I'm sure you will forgive yourself and be able to move on and get back onto the diet :):):)

PS Pizza is my weakness too so I'm sure it was really, really nice!!!!
Oh Lorraine.
love its been said befor to others but do not beat yourself up over on little blip.Remember how you feel now and keep it in mind if you ever feel a blip coming on again.
Do not go and make yourself sick that will not help.
Have a nice glass of water,draw a line under your blip and keep on the way you have been you have done so well you can do it.
sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes.
Welcome to the 'well and truly f*cked off' club Doublemum. I became a paid up member yesterday but am feeling a bit better today, thankfully!

None of us is immune to slips, trips and blips. It doesn't herald the end of ANYTHING only, perhaps, the slightest of delays to the overall length of your journey ... maybe you've added a couple of days to your prospective goal date but in the big scheme of things - is that really the end of the world?

You've eaten the pizza - it can't be 'uneaten' so draw a line under it, drink plenty of water and carry on with your diet as normal. Learn from the experience: if you're tempted again, cast your mind back to how it made you feel.

You're doing great - don't let some cheese & tomato paste on a bit of dough overshadow that :)
You know all you have done is learned a valuable lesson - the pizza was not worth the stress and unhappiness that you now feel!
see it as a positive step that this experience will help prevent you from repeating your mistake!
If you see it as the end of your diet & you have failed then you will subconciously allow that thought into your head and eat again!
Learn from it - draw a line under it & move on - think positive!
Diets only fail when we allow negative thoughts to cloud our judgement!
sending you a hug........
Everyone already has given excellent advise and what they are saying is to draw a line under it now and move on.

Regain that lovely feeling you had of being happy with your achievements so far and don't let go of it.

Sending hugs and love.

Love Mini xxx
As has been said, try to see it as a blip rather than a failure, your human, your not perfect, put it behind you, you have done so well, dont let that blip defeat you, good luck
Am just four days in and really really impressed by a 22 pound weight loss- that seems a long way ahead of me now and I'll be ecstatic when I acheive it! So nothing's ruined, just a blip. Well done for getting through a month so far.
Hun one thing i have learn from this site is that u cant be a failure becuase u have not given up,just had a minor blip !!
So draw a line under today,whats done is done and just dust yourself off and carry on.
Carry on doing what u have been doing the past 4 weeks and u will soon be at goal. xxx
Hun, we've all been there! And you haven't failed.. failed would be if you never went back to CD.
You have simply slipped up, now pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and join me on a recovery week!
I also had a 'blip' last week.. in the form of buffet lunch and chippy dinner.. in the same day!!!! Training course, running around after kids, and STARVING...

This week i'm taking a meal bar, a diet coke.. and will STARVE if i'm hungry! lol
Remember you are not alone. And 22lbs is a fantastic loss - of which you will not have gained by eating 1 pizza.
oh my... my post sounds like i copied Roch! But honestly.. i typed my own words! hadn't actually read her post till after i posted! lol
Like everyone else has said, it's done, it can't be changed, don't beat yourself up, focus on your amazing loss up till now and get back on with renewed motivation because now you know that the pizza wasn't really that great and will never taste as good as being slim and healthy xx

Awwwwrrr Hunny,

Please push that pizza aside its done and over with now.So put all that ad feeling and thoughts of that pizza aside. Just get straight back on you diest and start again. You would not let your self fall over and just stay lying there so think of it like that.

You've fallen over and now your picking your self back up. you have already lost 22lbs and you "CAN" lose more.

Yes its a big blow to you that you have let your self do it but look at how your feeling now..... consider it a big lesson learnt. So Stop Stressing.

No one is perfect so stop thinking that your a failure for a start and be more positive because if you dont you will fail and all that hard work you have done so far will be out the window.

Look, how can one blip be a failure? :confused:

Your aim is to lose weight, you have lost weight! ;)

Your aim is to continue to lose weight so you need hop back on the wagon and although this weeks weigh in won't be up to the same standards as usual, your blip will only affect this weeks weigh in and the loses will continue as normal next week. :D

If you let this get you down and continue to think that you have failed completely then how hard is it going to be for you to hop back on the wagon confident of success. You will be sabotaging your progress and you don't deserve that. :(

So treat this as a learning experience. What made you surcome? How did it feel afterwards, how could you avoided what happend etc etc and learn from it to make you stronger next time...then draw a line under it and carry on regardless.

If you continue to feel sad about this and put yourself and your achievements down then you are more likely to turn to food again. :(

Try picturing how you will feel when you see the results of the following weeks weigh ins, please don't deprive yourself of those highs ;) :D
Morning all

Just wanted to say THANK YOU all so much for your messages!!!
I have started again this morning & just had a yummy chocolate shake! Couldn't resist getting on the scales & had put on 3lbs :eek: So lesson learnt, won't be having another thing till my holiday on the 25th, when i have planned to eat!
Luckily don't feel hungry & no cravings for more food so hopefully didn't upset the apple cart too much?!?
Thanks again!

Lorraine xx
See the post on not being a slave to the scales! It's an interesting read! Don't let that weight gain put you in a negative frame of mind... You have done really really well!! That little snowman on ur ticker looks dead chuffed with you!!! You should be too!

Good luck! We're all here to support you!

Next time you feel like eating something you know is wrong then come on here... Have a chat about it! We'll talk you round! :)
Hey Lorraine,

Sorry I haven't been online, I was away for my 1st wedding anniversary, we went camping as I as you know I started SS 2 weeks ago so didn't want to go to a nice hotel as I know me, the temption would be too great ;) However, one thing I have learnt over since I started LL and then moved to CD, is I can celebrate anything in a non food related way, but believe me I have done what you did a couple of times in the begining.

Don't ever for a minute think you let me or anyone else down with this, as you know almost all CDC's have and still have in many cases their own battles with their weight, me for one and I can tell you about the time I did something similar too! - the important thing is to remember how you felt afterwards, it does help when trying not to do something similar again!

Everyone on here has given you great advice already,I point all my clients to this site now, I got great support from it when I was losing my weight.

Call me this evening if you like, I am back now and have unpacked, just going to have a nice shower and relax. I have never been camping as an adult before and it was a great experience, we walked miles and miles over cliffs and more cliffs ..... will tell you all about it this week too ... but for now, well done on getting back on the wagon.

A wise woman once told me, never waste your energy worrying over what you can not change, learn from it so you know not to repeat it the next time ........ its hard, I nkow right now, but really worth while ....