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I've just tried my first bar


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Cranberry are gorgeous - really lovely!! The dark orange has a very rich taste, and the double chocolate is a firm favourite with many of my clients. Give it time - you may well find you like the other bars more than the caramel :)


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Ive only tried the caramel on and the toffee one. And i thought they both tasted similar. But I really liked them!!! :D

I think a lot of people like the orange one?


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I had a peanut one last night - yum - tastiest thing I have since I started CD! Felt guity eating it as I am a chocolate biscuit addict and it tasted very illicit!


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I had a peanut one last night - yum - tastiest thing I have since I started CD! Felt guity eating it as I am a chocolate biscuit addict and it tasted very illicit!
Just like a chocolate covered hobnob!! :cool:
I love the caramel and the toffee, but if you like dark chocolate then the orange one is very nice. I even like it and i am a milk chocolate fan.

Just think when you get your weight down to what you want, you can then treat yourself to a cadbury's chocolate bar. Thats what i can't wait to do.

Nick :)


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I have never had the cranberry one. My tip for bars is cut them into as small pieces as you can manage and stick in frezer then they last ages and always seems to enhance the flavour. When you do it with peanut (very messy) it tastes a bit like peanut brittle yummy.
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People seem to either love the crunchy ones or hate them!

I love 'em

I buy 3 peanut, 3 cranberry and one orange.

I like to orange one for the dark chocolate covering but don't find it as satisfying as the crunch ones. I keep them in the fridge so they take longer to eat, and usually have them with a cup of coffee, so the chocolate melts in my warm mouth, but then I get to chew the chilled centre for ages.

You should be able to get one of each, my advice is to try them all!

Also I suggest taking one of the non-crunch variety and chopping it up in to little 1cm cubes and then freezing, like a little bag of toffees, which lasts longer.
Double choc is great for chocoholics, but I am a fan of the new Cranberry and Peanut ones, slightly going off the peanut though. I have one a day mmmmmm :p
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i always found the bars really awful. I could only taste salt! it took me ages to try and get them down as they would make me feel sick. Saying that though i had a friend who loved all of them!
I havent tried the cranberry or peanut yet, Im restarting on Jan 7th so will have to wait a few more weeks! eeekkkkkk!!!!!
I must be freak, I LOVE the bars, with a black coffee and 1/2 tetra pack as the milk, absolutely delicious,

Last night I treated myself to a choc shake and a malt toffee bar, I honestly felt guilty it was so decadent. Hard to believe it was counted as a SS diet, just as nice as having a cadbury's bar and a cappuchino, bet when I get to goal, the taste of cadburys will be disgusting ...we live in hope eh.

this from a former Chocoholic,

its a case of "My name is Caroline and its been 24 days since my last bar of chocolate" ha ha, but I allow myself 1/2 a CD bar a day, or if I have the portion left like last night I'll have a whole bar.

cheers Caz
Didn't like it very much, it was the caramel!

As I was struggling a bit my CDC thought it would be a good idea to try them and see if that satisfy's me a bit more than a drink does.

I've also got the Cranberry one.

Which are the best ones??


I know I'm two months later on this one I would suggest you perservere. It's taken me 9 months to fully embrace the Cambridge Diet - probably the longest in history (discounting those who tried and gave up!). My past failed attempts were down to:

1. hating the inconvenience - the mixing was tricky at etc.

2. hated the flavours - there was only chicken&mushroom and vegetable. Then Lactose free musroom soup came out and it really helped as that was the only soup I liked. My taste buds were so used to salt and lots of flavours I really wasn't expecting the taste with the other soups. Then the Oriental Chilli was introduced and things got better. I also learned to make recipes.

3. emotional stress - the perpetuating cycle of self-loathing.

Then it all clicked into place: once I stopped the loathing, listened to a little Paul McKenna and learned to visualise myself slim. The empowerment that comes with having completed 1, then 2, then 3 etc. days Sole Sourcing is better than any chip buttie, slice of cake, pizza I could go on. I got myself into a rhythm - the habit - and decided to try the flavours of soups and shakes I; this was ALL of them apart from Strawberry, Lactose Free Mushroom, Oriental Chilli and Chocolate LOL! To my utter urprise I find I love Vegetable Flavour, love Chicken and my most hated has become my favourite above all else: the mighty Cappuccino! :D

I remember someone on the Discovery Health board saying "just hold on Cah-Ching, your tastebuds will change" (I wish I could remember who said it - to fully honour them) I remember thinking (but not saying ;)) "yeah right!" but I can thankfully say it does. So to paraphrase, my advice to you is: - just hold on to your desire, tastebuds will change and even when you think they haven't revisit some of the flavours you thought you hated - you may well be surprised, I was.

take care
I had my 1st bar last week. The 1st one a tried was caramel then the cranberry one. I really really hated them. Didn’t like them at all.

Worst thing was that I was so so excited to tasting them and decided on having them late at nite as a treat with coffee. Im upset that I don’t like them coz lots of people say there really nice.

Im just going to stick with my tetra milkshakes as I really like them.