I've just tried my first bar

Gem Dec 17th 06

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Didn't like it very much, it was the caramel!

As I was struggling a bit my CDC thought it would be a good idea to try them and see if that satisfy's me a bit more than a drink does.

I've also got the Cranberry one.

Which are the best ones??

Cranberry are gorgeous - really lovely!! The dark orange has a very rich taste, and the double chocolate is a firm favourite with many of my clients. Give it time - you may well find you like the other bars more than the caramel :)
Ive only tried the caramel on and the toffee one. And i thought they both tasted similar. But I really liked them!!! :D

I think a lot of people like the orange one?
I like all the flavours except for cranberry and peanut i think they have an awfull texture compared to all the other bars xx
I had a peanut one last night - yum - tastiest thing I have since I started CD! Felt guity eating it as I am a chocolate biscuit addict and it tasted very illicit!
I love the caramel and the toffee, but if you like dark chocolate then the orange one is very nice. I even like it and i am a milk chocolate fan.

Just think when you get your weight down to what you want, you can then treat yourself to a cadbury's chocolate bar. Thats what i can't wait to do.

Nick :)
People seem to either love the crunchy ones or hate them!

I love 'em

I buy 3 peanut, 3 cranberry and one orange.

I like to orange one for the dark chocolate covering but don't find it as satisfying as the crunch ones. I keep them in the fridge so they take longer to eat, and usually have them with a cup of coffee, so the chocolate melts in my warm mouth, but then I get to chew the chilled centre for ages.

You should be able to get one of each, my advice is to try them all!

Also I suggest taking one of the non-crunch variety and chopping it up in to little 1cm cubes and then freezing, like a little bag of toffees, which lasts longer.
Double choc is great for chocoholics, but I am a fan of the new Cranberry and Peanut ones, slightly going off the peanut though. I have one a day mmmmmm :p
i always found the bars really awful. I could only taste salt! it took me ages to try and get them down as they would make me feel sick. Saying that though i had a friend who loved all of them!
I havent tried the cranberry or peanut yet, Im restarting on Jan 7th so will have to wait a few more weeks! eeekkkkkk!!!!!
I must be freak, I LOVE the bars, with a black coffee and 1/2 tetra pack as the milk, absolutely delicious,

Last night I treated myself to a choc shake and a malt toffee bar, I honestly felt guilty it was so decadent. Hard to believe it was counted as a SS diet, just as nice as having a cadbury's bar and a cappuchino, bet when I get to goal, the taste of cadburys will be disgusting ...we live in hope eh.

this from a former Chocoholic,

its a case of "My name is Caroline and its been 24 days since my last bar of chocolate" ha ha, but I allow myself 1/2 a CD bar a day, or if I have the portion left like last night I'll have a whole bar.

cheers Caz
Didn't like it very much, it was the caramel!

As I was struggling a bit my CDC thought it would be a good idea to try them and see if that satisfy's me a bit more than a drink does.

I've also got the Cranberry one.

Which are the best ones??



I know I'm two months later on this one I would suggest you perservere. It's taken me 9 months to fully embrace the Cambridge Diet - probably the longest in history (discounting those who tried and gave up!). My past failed attempts were down to:

1. hating the inconvenience - the mixing was tricky at etc.

2. hated the flavours - there was only chicken&mushroom and vegetable. Then Lactose free musroom soup came out and it really helped as that was the only soup I liked. My taste buds were so used to salt and lots of flavours I really wasn't expecting the taste with the other soups. Then the Oriental Chilli was introduced and things got better. I also learned to make recipes.

3. emotional stress - the perpetuating cycle of self-loathing.

Then it all clicked into place: once I stopped the loathing, listened to a little Paul McKenna and learned to visualise myself slim. The empowerment that comes with having completed 1, then 2, then 3 etc. days Sole Sourcing is better than any chip buttie, slice of cake, pizza I could go on. I got myself into a rhythm - the habit - and decided to try the flavours of soups and shakes I; this was ALL of them apart from Strawberry, Lactose Free Mushroom, Oriental Chilli and Chocolate LOL! To my utter urprise I find I love Vegetable Flavour, love Chicken and my most hated has become my favourite above all else: the mighty Cappuccino! :D

I remember someone on the Discovery Health board saying "just hold on Cah-Ching, your tastebuds will change" (I wish I could remember who said it - to fully honour them) I remember thinking (but not saying ;)) "yeah right!" but I can thankfully say it does. So to paraphrase, my advice to you is: - just hold on to your desire, tastebuds will change and even when you think they haven't revisit some of the flavours you thought you hated - you may well be surprised, I was.

take care
I had my 1st bar last week. The 1st one a tried was caramel then the cranberry one. I really really hated them. Didn’t like them at all.

Worst thing was that I was so so excited to tasting them and decided on having them late at nite as a treat with coffee. Im upset that I don’t like them coz lots of people say there really nice.

Im just going to stick with my tetra milkshakes as I really like them.

I just had a chocolate bar for the first time has made me feel sick :( Tastes like a milkybar Do the otherones taste like that?