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I've lost 50.8kg. Tried to ift 30.7kgs .... oh my word!!


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So i have lost a total of 50.8 kgs. Today when i was helping out my brothers gf with the house (cleaned the kitchen, bathroom & plenty of hoovering and window cleaning!) my dad came over with their new matress. It was vacum packed (memory foam one) and weighed 30.7kg so i thought ahhh cant be that heavy surely if ive lost 50.8. :eek: oh my word!!!!!!! I lifted it no problem - sure it was heavy but really made me think how the hell did i manage to walk around with almost two of these slapped to my ass?!!!! :eek: i was sooooo shocked but at the same time actually felt very proud

So guys - when you think you are having 'small' losses or you dont feel like you have lost hardly anything go and find something (maybe dont order a new matress :giggle:) that equals the total and just see exactly how heavy it is - you will be surprised :)
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hehe It's a real eye opener summer isn't it? I remember when I first lost about 50lbs with WWs a few years back I went to the supermarket and tried to lift a couple of sacks of potatoes which weighed about the same as I'd lost and I could barely do it. It really hits home how much strain it puts on your heart though and I would recommend everyone do it at some point to really hammer the point home.


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Its amazing when you look at it like that amount of weight that we have lost. It does not seem possible that we have all managed to walk around with all that weight on us in the past. I know that I tried to life my 5 year old nephew who weighs around 4st - I could not imagine carrying him around all day every day for weeks on end. It certainly puts things into perspective when you put it in terms like that.

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